How To Be Every Woman’s ‘Type’


Guys might say they have ‘types’, like blondes, or short and petite, or like women with blue eyes, or brunettes, whatever.

But I’d guess that most of you never refer to your “type” as being “excessively overweight” or “big boned with a great personality.”

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Yet, this is in fact what guys settle for when they think they have no shot at something better looking.

What women really want

Likewise, 99% of all women prefer a guy with a great body – regardless of hair and eye color, or how tall or short he is. There is no such thing as an attractive women who “prefers” a guy with a big sloppy gut, or a hot woman who would really like a guy with a weak sunken chest, no muscle in his arms and skinny twigs for legs.

Rest assured these body looks are not any woman’s “type”, they are just what women settle for when they realize they can’t get their hands on a better looking guy.

Now, of course you might say that rock stars or big time Hollywood celebrities get great looking women without being in any kind of shape, and I’ll agree to an extent, but if you’ll notice most of these guys are in pretty good shape too!

The research on body shape and attraction

There is current research that shows on average:

  • Women with great bodies have sex with guys that have great bodies.
  • Women with a few extra pounds tend to end up with guys with a few extra pounds.
  • And women who are really big, well you can fill the blank in here.

In other words, more often than not you’re going to end up in bed with a girl who’s body is only as good as yours.

In fact, studies show that it’s rare for a guy who is completely out of shape to constantly be having sex with women that have the hottest of hot bodies.It’s much more likely that the women available to you have a body that rates about the same as yours does.

So how do I get a great body?

So the question is how do you build a 10-rated body that will help you get the 10-rated women?

Fact: there is a precise measurable body shape and size that almost all women are attracted to without even KNOWING IT.

It’s totally subconscious. In other words, women will be drawn to you without knowing HOW or WHY. And, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you have a specific shape and size that will fit on your frame and will spark attraction in all women.

If you’re like most men, you’ve probably read popular fitness magazines for workout and diet information. Or, if you’re a former athlete you might use the workout you learned playing sports. Maybe you know a personal trainer who can give you tips. You might even be a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer yourself and study this kind of stuff all the time.

But, I gotta tell you, building a body that women are subconsciously attracted to is more precise than any of this. It’s not child’s play.

I’ve been a professional trainer for over 10 years with graduate research in exercise physiology and nutrition under my belt so trust me when I say that the specific shape that men need to be in to subconsciously attract women is not obvious BY ANY MEANS.

I’ve spent the last year researching the psychology of attraction and the physiology of the male body shape that women find most attractive and the ONE THING that I uncovered throughout this grueling research is that there IS a specific body proportion that is deemed “perfect” and that almost every woman that you come in contact with will be attracted to.

This specific body shape is more muscular than the average man yet isn’t as “hulking” as one might think.

But, make no mistake, this musculature IS a clear sign of masculinity and dominance to women that they are instinctively attracted to.

Thinking short term relationships?

Incidentally, research also proves that women are more likely to have short term relationships that are based primarily on sex with more muscular men that posses this specific body shape and size. This even goes for women who are currently “attached”. As long as you have a better body than the guy she is dating there will be a certain number of women who just won’t be able to resist the urge to sleep with you! No dating or romancing required.

It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, average, or heavy, your perfectly proportioned body is attainable just be willing to build it, and reap the benefits!

Getting the proper proportions is simply a matter of applying the number one physical attraction metric for men… The Adonis Index.  To find out how to use the Adonis Index to generate subconscious physical attraction, visit the Adonis Effect website.

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