How To Increase Sexual Attraction In An Existing Relationship Using Only Your Eyes


When it comes to romantic relationships, one important aspect is to ensure that sexual attraction is always there.  The sexual desire in a relationship slowly fades over time,  and make a once hot, burning sex life into a dull, passionless one.

Don’t let this happen!  There are many ways to sustain sexual desire in a relationship and one of the most potent ways, yet often less used tactic, is proper eye contact.

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Eye contact can means so many things, especially for women. For one, it can mean that you love looking at her, which softens the heart of most women I know! It can also mean that you’re self-confident. A man who looks straight into a woman’s eyes without any hesitation oozes self-confidence and many women like this in a man.

Deep and meaningful eye contact can also simply mean lust. For example, just when you have guests at home or out on a party, make eye contact with her from across the room.

Nothing shouts “I want to make love to you now” more than a hard look of longing from across a crowded room!

And the great thing about proper eye contact is that it is effective is building sexual tension and attraction no matter how long two people have been in a relationship.

Here’s how to do it:

Not-So-Open Eyes

Open your eyes till they’re only 75% open. You want to look like you’re looking lovingly at her, not mentally willing her to undress in front of you!

On the other hand, having your eyes open too slightly will make her think you’re probably sleepy and just about to doze off. 75% is the look you want to achieve.Eye contact at this rate will be the “come hither” look you see most often in the movies.

The Head Tilt

During eye contact, lower your head slightly. This “look” or “pose” conveys that you’re sexually interested in her. Tilting your head upwards is a sign that you’re looking down or belittling her and she won’t like that. Tilting your head to low gives the impression that you’re not self-confident and she won’t like that either. So lower your head just a little for maximum sexual attraction effect.

Keep Your Blinking Frequency In Check

When making eye contact, don’t blink a lot. But if you must, try to blink slowly. Blinking too much means you’re nervous, or worse, she may think you have an eye muscle disorder, and that’s not really sexy is it?

Also, because you’re conveying nervousness from excessive blinking, that nervous feeling is going to be passed onto her and she’ll start to feel nervous too.

Don’t Lose The Staring Contest!

Ok, it’s really not a “staring contest” when it comes to building sexual attraction. But the idea is whenever your eyes meet, absolutely do not break eye contact until she initiates the break!

Three things here: one, subconsciously, she’ll get the impression that you’re a man who likes to be in control and so this will make her think that you’re “The Man”; two, maintaining sexual contact means you are REALLY into her; and three, long, hard, and deep eye contact conveys a certain “dark side” about you.

For some reason, many women love that.

Now that you know how to increase sexual attraction with eye contact, wouldn’t you like to take that to the next level?

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