How To Seduce A Woman


Seduction is a series of well thought out moves that show that you’re interested in a woman and also serve to entice her to become interested in you as well. Sometimes seduction happens on its own, but most of the time, it’s something a guy has to make an effort to do. However, seduction doesn’t always come naturally to a lot of guys and most of the time, there is a lot of room for improvement in techniques. Here are some great seduction suggestions that will turn up the heat between you and your love interest.


Take One Step At A Time

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Most women like to take things slow when getting to know a guy, so if you want to use seduction to get a girl, make an effort to take baby steps. Don’t lean in for the first kiss if you haven’t even held her hand yet, or don’t pressure her to have sex with you if you haven’t kissed her. Start with small things such as touching her knee or rubbing her shoulders and slowly work your way up to the bigger things like kissing, paying attention to her reactions each step of the way. Her reactions to your actions are what will give you clues on when to move forward and try something else. They will also show you when you’re not hitting the right mark and when you need to try a different seduction tactic.

Build Anticipation

Think of seduction as a dance where things move back and forth between you and the girl you’re interested. Seduction is not a “charge” where you brush by her to cop a feel right away or start suggesting sex within just a few minutes of meeting a girl. Build up the sexual tension by doing things like leaning towards them for a kiss and then moving back or pretending to be slightly distracted by something. Women love anticipation, especially when the end result is just as rewarding as the parts leading up to it. Many guys make the mistake of rushing things and don’t put in the effort to create that “dance” of seduction by building up and releasing tension. When done well, building up your partner’s anticipation will help heat things up between the two of you.

Move Smoothly And Slowly

When using seduction to woo a woman and get her interested in you, it’s essential that you take your time. A lot of guys get nervous and rush through the movements, skipping over creating the necessary foundation for a woman to be attracted to a man. If you make a lot of surprising, jarring moves, you’re going to make your date nervous too. Don’t do anything completely unexpected or shocking, because you’ll end up causing her to feel uncomfortable and awkward – which definitely won’t get you anywhere.

Seduction involves lots of slow, well planned moves that appear smooth and create an aura of comfort and predictability. With the right techniques, you and your partner will slowly but steadily move through the different stages of seduction and dating.

Reading Her Body Language

A girl isn’t always going to tell you when your seduction tactics are working and when they’re not. Since you’re not a mind reader, it’s important to read a woman’s body language. While she may not put her feelings into words, she’ll definitely show you what’s going on in her mind through her body language. If she seems responsive to your actions, such as touching you a lot, laughing at your jokes and making lots of eye contact with you, it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s as into you as you are her. The closer she gets to you, the more you know you’re ready to move on to the next step in the game of seduction.

If she seems to be giving you the cold shoulder, it’s likely that’s exactly what she’s trying to do. A girl that isn’t interested in you isn’t going to be laughing at your jokes or making excuses to be physically close to you. She may even be crossing her arms or looking directly away from you.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to seduction is to have fun, relax and be yourself. Seducing a woman doesn’t involve pretending to be someone you’re not, because that will almost always backfire. Even if it doesn’t, you’re building a girl’s attraction to you on a foundation of dishonesty. Women will always appreciate a guy that is relaxed and is comfortable enough in his own skin to be himself. Go with the flow and keep it lighthearted!

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