How To Seduce An Older Woman


Seduction isn’t always easy, especially if you’re honing in on an experienced cougar. Here’s how you can seduce a lady who’s a bit wiser (in years) than you.

The allure of a more mature woman can be intoxicating to younger men. Older women have more experience, know exactly what they want and they can be a lot of fun. Men in their early to mid 20s love older women because they tend to be more mature and straightforward both in the bedroom and out of it. Women in their early 20s like to play head games and beat around the bush in what they want out of a relationship. Older women take all of the hassle out of dating and are usually established financially and emotionally. If you would like to know how to seduce a mature woman but don’t know how to engage them, there are a few things that you should know beforehand.

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Women

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One of the biggest aspects of using seduction on younger girls is using flare. Money, power, job titles all come into play when you are seducing a younger girl. This doesn’t apply to older women. Seducing a mature woman doesn’t require a position at a high paying law firm or a sports car. More than likely, an older girl will be financially secure. In fact, they will probably make more money that you do. This is okay. You just have to learn how to use your other attributes to appeal to them. Forget everything that you think you know about women when you are trying to seduce an older girl. Talk to them as you would a friend or a colleague, but keep sexual tension.

Have Confidence

Older women can be intimidating. This is not a new concept. Many men get hung up on whether or not a mature woman would actually date them instead of the other way around. A woman in her 40’s wants confidence. Attraction is not built through physicality alone. You must be confident and show her what you have to offer other than what is in your pants. Appeal to her emotional side. Challenge her thinking in conversation. All women want a challenge, but to seduce an mature woman you need to take it to the next level. Do everything that you wouldn’t do with a younger girl. Talk about politics, religion or other controversial issues without allowing the conversation to get heated. This shows your confidence and will separate you from the rest of the guys trying to gain her affection.

Be Established

Yes, she’s established, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to pay your bills. Older women don’t want a leach. They want somebody that is going to hold their own. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a millionaire; it just means that you need to be in a position where you can pick up the bill every once in a while. Show her that you are ambitious and that you know what you want out of life. Younger guys tend to use older women as a crutch. You want to separate yourself from the other guys trying to date her.

Be Mature

Everything about you should present an image of maturity. The way that you dress, the way that you speak, the food that you eat and the way that you handle yourself are all taken into account when trying to seduce. The days of bummy t-shirts and ripped pants should be over. Tuck in your shirt and get a decent pair of dress shoes when taking them out. Maturity is in the details. Ironing your clothes, keeping your car and your home clean are all signs that you are mature. Take pride in yourself and in her. This will show the ultimate amount of maturity.

Be Physical Without Being Creepy

Seducing an older girl is all about comfort. The age difference could make the situation awkward from the beginning. However, if you are getting the vibe from an older woman, be as physical as possible without being creepy. Don’t touch her legs at first. Go for the lower back, shoulders or arms to start out. These are key stepping-stones to get you into the majors. Older women love sex, but they need to feel comfortable first. Don’t mess it up by getting too touchy right off the bat. Build rapport and then you can start getting bold.

An more mature woman is sophisticated and can be a lot of fun. They will challenge you in the way that you see yourself. Presenting yourself as an equal is the best way to seduce a mature woman. Although you may not have the financial means to be an equal with her, an emotional equality will be enough to get you through to the next round.

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