How To Talk A Woman Into Bed


Sex isn’t something you can just jump right into – most of the time, anyway. Girls need a little warm up time before getting in the mood, and they don’t get turned on the same way guys do, just by looking at someone of the opposite sex naked. Girls respond better to sensual, seductive language. Here’s what you can say before sex to get her hot – and ready to jump in bed with you!


Girls Love Words

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Remembering the fundamental difference between men and women is probably going to be your key to success in getting a woman to have sex with you. Men are essentially visual creatures and respond well to visual stimuli such as porn, but girls on the other hand, enjoy words more, such as sexy stories and erotic novels. This is why you will see a woman not really care about a porn, but get completely horny after reading a sensual novel.

Be Aware Of Her Insecurities

Guys love to compliment girls and girls love to be complimented – however, if you’re complimenting the parts of her body that she’s insecure about, it’s going to turn her off. For example, you may think her belly is so cute or hot and she may think her belly is her most flawed body part. Women don’t look at themselves the same way men do – as just being hot from head to toe. A woman will stand in front of a mirror and pick out her “flaws,” even when she looks great.

When talking to her and telling her how amazing she looks, find out what she likes best about herself. It may not even be something sexual – she may think her feet are really cute (especially if she gets pedicures often) or she may love her hair. It doesn’t matter what it is – if you find a way to compliment what she loves about herself, it will get her turned on more than anything else you can say.

Compliment Her With Emotion

When you do find something to compliment or talk about, it’s important that you do it with emotion and sensual words. Telling her that her hair looks “great” or her legs are “hot” isn’t going to get you anywhere with a woman. Instead, make sure that the words you choose to use are full of emotion. Tell her that her legs look “amazing” or “incredible.” Touch her hair and talk about how “soft” and “silky” it is and how you love the feel of it on your skin.

Remember that giving empty sounding compliments can actually do more damage than good. If you and your partner have used the “L” word to tell each other how you feel, don’t be afraid to use it now. Tell your partner how much you love her and care deeply for her – this will get her emotions on fire!

Use Descriptive Language

Because women are such verbal creatures, choosing descriptive language is extremely important. Telling your lover how “horny” you are or saying that she looks “hot” isn’t going to cut it if you’re trying to get her in bed. Instead, try these easy to use, descriptive words next time your talking to a woman:

  • “Soft” as in: “Your skin is so soft and smooth.”
  • “Silky” as in: “Your silky pajamas make my skin tingle.”
  • “Hard” as in: “It has been so hard waiting for you all day.”
  • “Ravish” as in: “I can’t wait to ravish your body.”
  • “Luscious” as in: “Your lips are so luscious, can I kiss them?”
  • “Intoxicate” as in: “The sultry sound of your voice is completely intoxicating.”

Make Sure Your Body Language And Facial Expressions Match Your Emotions

Once you’ve gotten the language down pat, you want to make sure that your body language and your facial expressions not only match your emotions, but also match the descriptive words you’re using. If you’re telling her how luscious her lips are, lick your lips and look deeply into her eyes, switching your gaze from her eyes to her lips until you move in for the kiss.

You don’t want to tell her how soft and silky her hair is if you’re not going to run your fingers through it and pull her in for a deep, sensual kiss. You don’t want to tell her how difficult it was waiting for her all day if you’re not actually showing her how you feel through your facial expressions and your body language. Make sure that you’re not only communicating with your verbal language, but you’re also communicating through your actions and facial expressions as well.

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