How To Talk To A Woman About Sex – Without Freaking Her Out


Guys need sex advice, especially when it comes to talking to a woman about doing the nasty. Sex is something you want, but you’re not exactly sure how to ask for it. You could be getting along great with a girl and bring up the topic of sex, only to end up scaring her off completely. Here’s how to have a conversation with a girl about sex, without sending her running.


Bringing Up The Topic Of Sex Is Risky Business

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If you’re nervous about bringing up the topic of sex to a woman – even if you’ve been seeing her for awhile – you have good reason to be. There are many women that will be offended by the discussion of sex, no matter how polite or discreet you are about it.

Every woman will react differently to the topic of sex and the same woman may react in different ways to the same topic, depending on her mood. When talking about sex with a woman, you’re liable to strike out at any moment – but approaching it the right way can make all the difference.

The Indirect Approach

Probably the easiest and most friendly way to bring up the topic of sex with a girl is indirectly. Start talking about sex in a way that doesn’t directly involve you or her. For example, you’re definitely going to get shot down if you start talking about what kind of sex positions she likes. However, if you bring up the topic in an indirect way, such as telling a funny story about sex positions gone wrong, she’s more likely to laugh with you and open up to the idea of talking about sex with you.

Make sure that when using the indirect approach, you keep everything about other people in other situations. Don’t directly reference you or her, and definitely not you and her together. If you start talking about what “she” likes or what “you” want, you’re going to scare her off instantly.

Start Learning About Sex

For a girl to be comfortable talking about sex with you, you’ve got to be comfortable with the idea of sex yourself first. If a little dirty talk makes you blush or stutter, you’re not going to convince any girl to carry on a conversation with you like that. It can be difficult if you come from a conservative family, however, the more you learn about sex the more you will be able to talk about it smoothly and confidently. Read a sex advice column, or check out some online resources for sex tips and sex advice.

Pay Attention To Her Response

One thing that a lot of guys miss when having a conversation of this nature is reading a woman’s cues and knowing when it’s gone too far – and when to stop. There are many cues a woman will give you to let you know that now is not the right time to talk about this and she’s not into what you’re saying. If she’s exhibiting these signs during the conversation and you press the issue, you may end up turning her off for good.

  • Turning or looking away from you.
  • Acting embarrassed or blushing.
  • Stuttering her responses or acting nervous in general.
  • Short responses or refusal to answer any questions
  • Trying to change the topic

If She Engages You

If you’ve stayed confident and cool, made her laugh and created a little bit of playful sexual tension, she might end up engaging you in the conversation about sex and even contribute to it, taking things further. If she does engage in the conversation with you, you know that you can take it to the next level and start talking about things that have more to do with you and her. Signs that she’s into it are:

  • Making eye contact with you or looking at her lips
  • Laughing at your jokes
  • Joking with you, cracking jokes of her own
  • Touching you or accidentally brushing up against you
  • Standing close to you

Building Sexual Tension

If she seems responsive to talking about sex at first, it’s up to you to create sexual tension between you and her. This is what will ultimately lead to actually getting to have sex with her! The best sex advice to get a woman into bed is to always leave her guessing and keep a flirty element of mystery about you. When revealing information about yourself, don’t give away too much at once. Let her wonder a little bit and allow her imagination to go wild.

Being Sexually Confident

Girls are naturally attracted to sexually confident guys. They’re not attracted to wimpy looking guys that don’t look like they’re secure in themselves at all – so to even get her to want to talk to you, you’ve got to exude an air of self confidence and friendliness. However, you must remember that sexual confidence can go too far and suddenly become creepy and obsessive. Make sure that your sexual confidence doesn’t border on the strange side. You definitely don’t want to come across as just another horny guy looking to score – because this will turn her off immediately.

Relax And Have Fun

Remember that dating and talking to women is all about having fun and getting to know people. If you’re too uptight, worried or nervous about talking to women about sex, you’re not going to get very far. Relax, be yourself and focus on having a good time and making sure others have a good time as well. If you get your date laughing, talking and having fun, she’ll become more and more relaxed around you – giving you the opportunity to bring up the topic of sex without her shying away.

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