How To Use Sexual Tension To Get Immediate Results


Sexual tension is an amazing way to get a girl so turned on, she’s practically ripping your jeans off. If you do it right, you’ll create sexual tension that is so thick, you could cut it with a knife! This is the kind of stuff that will get you INSTANT results! Get laid TONIGHT with these incredible seduction tips.


How To Create Sexual Tension That Feels Natural

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Many guys attempt to create sexual attention when they’re not already sexually aroused – this can actually backfire, because it comes across as completely fake. If you want to create that natural feeling, crazy sexual tension, you need to make sure you’re “in the mood,” so to speak, so that you can convey those feelings to the girl you’re with.

Uncertainty and anticipation is the core of what it’s all about, and if you’re not really experiencing those feelings, the girl you are with isn’t going to either. You really want to be feeling true anticipation that something sexual may happen, and you want to feel that real uncertainty that you may or may not get lucky tonight! The girl you’re with is going to pick up on those feelings, and they will intensify her own.

Getting Into A Controlled Sexual State

So you want to be sexually aroused when you go to create sexual tension, but you don’t want to be so aroused that you’re humping her leg or that you orgasm within just a few minutes if you do actually get to have sex. What you want to do is get yourself into a controlled sexual state – where you are feeling aroused but not too aroused. You can do this a number of ways:

  • Imagine her naked.
  • Think about what you want to do to her.
  • Imagine what she’s going to do to you.
  • Gaze at her lips while licking yours and imagining kissing her.
  • Make soulful eye contact.
  • Touch the back of her neck softly.
  • Don’t be afraid of awkward silences – use them to your advantage!

This will all help you get psyched up and into that mode of creating sizzling sexual tension – just be careful not to take yourself over the edge and get yourself too psyched out.

The Push/Pull Of Sexual Tension

It’s is kind of like a dance, or a game of tennis. There’s a lot of push/pull there that you can’t fake. You’ve got to be into it and she’s got to be into it – and you both have to go in a little and pull back a little to really create those intense feelings. Really great sexual tension will leave a woman feeling just a little confused, because you’re going to be giving a few mixed signals on purpose.

When you start feeling like she’s really into it, you want to back off just a little bit, to give her room to push. She’s not going to be interested in you at all if you don’t give her that room and make her question whether you really like her or not. That’s when she’s going to test you by getting in your space a little and contributing to the push/pull.

Make Her A Little Uncomfortable

Once you get to the point where one or both of you have just passed the feeling of being a little uncomfortable, you know you’re in a great spot and you don’t want to back off right away. Feeling a little uncomfortable (not the creepy kind, the good kind) is what fuels the fires of sexual tension, so once you’re experiencing that, you want to keep the flirting going for a little while before you back off and let her come to you.

Have Fun And Enjoy It!

If you’e afraid of talking to women, or if you aren’t confident enough in yourself, you’re not going to be able to create really great sexual tension. You’ve got to be confident, but you’ve also got to be relaxed enough to know that it’s a really fun game that you can enjoy – but not something you have to take completely seriously. Relax and have fun experimenting with different moves and seeing what reaction you get out of them!

Practice Getting In Touch With Your Feelings

Sexual tension is a feeling – and while most girls are already in touch with their emotions, a lot of guys aren’t. This may make it difficult for men to spot it. Practice by getting in touch with your emotional side by participating in activities or hobbies that require you to use your emotions. This will help you relate to girls more, so it will be easier for you to sense what move to make next.

Flirting Is Key To Sexual Tension

Flirting is a big part of creating sexual tension, so if you don’t know how to flirt, it’s time that you learn! Practice by getting out there and talking to women. Flirt with them and see what kind of reactions you get! Practice your eye contact, body language and conversation skills so that you can really master your game before you ever meet a girl you really like and want to make sure you do everything right with.

Practicing will also help you learn how to keep from overdoing it, because just like with anything else, it’s easy to overdo the sexual tension. You need to learn how to spot when it’s time for you to move on (if she’s just not feeling it) or when it’s time to move things along and get more intimate. When it feels right, you’ll know when to move on to kissing, touching and foreplay! This comes with time and practice!

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