Insider Secrets Revealed – How To Pick Up Women In 4 Easy Steps


Having trouble picking up women?

Have no fear!  All you need to do is follow a few simple methods to help you get the woman of your dreams!

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Do you want to go out and pick up a woman tonight, but have no clue where to start?

Most of your friends probably don’t know how to pick up women. Your dad probably doesn’t know (and lord knows your mom couldn’t tell you)!

Even the dating “experts” that you see in the media wouldn’t be able to give you the proper tactics on how to pick up women, because if they did -they’d never be able to appear on TV again! (Let’s face it, the mainstream media is extremely feminist and looks down upon anything that could help guys get laid!).

Bottom line: Picking up women is not a politically-correct topic!

You want some practical advice that can really work, that you can start to use right away. Fortunately, you found this article. So let’s get started!

What You DON’T Need

First off – here’s what you DON’T need to pick up women.

You DON’T need to be “male model” good looking.

This is the biggest mistake men make.  You have to realize that close to 85% of women care more about how a man makes them FEEL, rather than how he actually LOOKS. So if you don’t think you’re a very attractive guy, don’t worry! There’s still hope for you.

Next, you DON’T have to drive a fancy car, or spend a lot of money! Quite a few of the best Pickup Artists I’ve ever known spend $30 or less when they go out on dates, and more than one of them doesn’t even own a car!  (And the ones that do don’t drive anything special!)

You’ll find that women can be very forgiving when it comes to how much money you make or spend on them, if they LIKE you! And part of picking up women is to get the girl to like you, right?

Finally, you DON’T have to be famous, be a certain type of ethnicity or nationality, or anything else you can think of. The secret is to have a great personality – this will make any other obstacle you think you have to getting a girl to like you obsolete!  If you know the proper way to interact with women, nothing else matters.

Skyrocket to Success

Unless you’re already on the verge of becoming a master pick up artist, you’re probably not going to have phenomenal success right away using these tips and tactics. But if you apply these and other tactics over a period of time and learn from your experiences, you’ll find your success with women will skyrocket! In order to learn the quickest, you’ll want to go out as often as you can – particularly when you’re first starting.

You don’t have to go to nightclubs or other high-pressure environments to meet women, but they are great “practice grounds” because there are SO MANY women there to meet and talk to. Despite where you choose to go, you need to set aside some time every day to go out and pick up women – you’ll get better the more times you do it! When you’re first starting, you might not have a whole lot of success with the ladies.  But over time, as your experience builds, your confidence will grow.  Every success and failure you have is a learning experience meant to make you better at picking up women.

And Remember…

Remember: The more experience you have, the easier it’ll be.

The most important thing to remember about going out to pick up women is to gain experience! When you do go out to gain this valuable experience with the ladies, try and look as good as you possibly can! (Notice here that I’m not saying you have to be “good looking.”  I’m saying you need to “look good.”  There is a big difference between the two.  You don’t have any say about what you look like, but you DO have a say in your appearance – your hairstyle, the clothes you wear, what cologne you put on, etc.)

Look the Part

Dress for success: Wear clothing that fits you, that’s color-coordinated and looks good on you. If you have fashion-conscious friends who can help you pick out a wardrobe (particularly if they’re women), now’s the time to recruit them. It’s true that you don’t need fancy threads to meet girls, but why not make it easier by wearing nice clothes, why wouldn’t you do it? Besides, looking good will also make you feel more confident!

Be on the lookout for opportunities to do pickup. You can find attractive women just about anywhere. And if you notice that she’s given you the eye, it would almost be a sin not to start talking to her!

The Steps

Finally, every good pick-up follows a structure. Its a series of steps you can actually REPEAT time and time again and get similar results. Here’s the structure:

  1. Find the girl.
  2. Meet her.
  3. Talk and Gain Rapport.
  4. Build Attraction.

These four simple steps is all you need!  You’ll find that if you can just meet the women you want and gain rapport with them, you’ll easily be able to build attraction with them too.

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