6 Lap Dance Techniques That Will Make Your Man SWEAT!


A lap dance can be one of the most erotic actions that a girlfriend or wife gives her partner. Watching a woman dance in scantily clad clothing with eye contact could be enough to invigorate an otherwise boring sexual escapade. Lap dances build anticipation and allow you to tease your guy. When you tease him you can bring him to edge making the hour following the striptease as equally exciting. If you’ve never given a striptease before, there are a few things that you will need to know beforehand. Read on to discover the moves needed to give your guy a lap dance he’ll never forget.

1. The Ambiance

The ambiance of the room is going to determine how well your lap dance plays. Have you ever noticed that strip clubs have low lighting? This is to set the mood for the room. You want the room to be just as sexual as you are about to be. Lower the lights and have some music ready. If you don’t have dimmer switches in your bedroom, use a think blouse or shirt to cover the lampshade on your nightstand. This is an easy way to bring the lighting down on the cheap. Music is essential for your lap dance. Find a song that has a slow beat. Electronica works really well, but it has to be slow. If the music is too fast it won’t as hypnotic.

2. The Circle Grind

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The circle grind is a great way to start off your lap dance. Turn on the music and stand about 2 feet away from your guy. Your feet should be about 3 feet apart and you’re going to arch your back. Use your hips to grind in a circle in front of him. After a couple of seconds, start to bend your knees. Remember to keep the arch in your back. This will push your breasts forward and can slim your stomach. Go down as far as you can and then come back up slowly. Always be slow with your movements. This move will put a smile on your guy’s face for sure.

3. Turning

You don’t just want your guy to see your front. A lap dance allows you to show your curvature and your back. When you’re turning, you need to do it gradually. Again, slow is the key. Some women like to turn to the left, some like to turn to the right. This is your choice. Whatever your feel most comfortable with will be sexier to your guy. Keep the circle grind as you turn.

4. Ass Slap

The ass slap is a staple of lap dances. This used from about 2 feet away and shows your partner everything that you’re working with. The basic concept is easy. Spread your legs after you turn and bend down with the beat of the music. Make sure that you do this slowly. Once you can touch the floor, slap your ass a little bit. This can be very flirty and your guy will love it.

5. The Lap

The lap dance is called a lap dance because eventually you need to get near his lap. Dance you way over to him slowly and get between his legs. Get as close to him as possible and then turn your back to him. Lower your butt to his lap until you feel him under you. Rest your hands on his knees and grind against his penis with your ass. You should start to feel him getting hard. Don’t pummel him or you’ll ruin the moment. Go soft and slowly with the music.

6. Show Your Breasts

Turn around from the lap dance and get on top of him. Rest your hands on his shoulders to show dominance. This should frame him with your body so he feels pinned down a little bit. Brush your nipples against his chest as you grind down on his crotch. Bring your breasts up and brush them against his lips. This will drive him crazy. If he tries to kiss them or suck on them, pull them back. This will leave him wanting more.

Giving your guy a lap dance that he will never forget is not a difficult task. You can easily do it by following these moves. You don’t have to be a professional stripper to give your guy a lap dance, but some basic information can help you make your guy forget about any other woman. Remember to be playful and flirty. Overt grabs at his crotch can make the lap dance seem cheap. Teasing him can be one of the best pieces of foreplay in your sexual arsenal.

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