Easily Meet The Hottest Women Anytime, Anywhere, and NEVER Worry About What To Say


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that we always suggest using extreme caution when applying seduction tactics.

Remember, she will get to know the real you eventually.

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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But if you really get stuck in those first few minutes and find yourself fumbling around like an idiot when you see a hot girl, then certain seduction techniques can help you get your foot in the door so that she will actually take the time to get to know the real you.

If you’d like to know exactly how to use the latest cutting edge seduction technology to make meeting even the hottest women, anytime, anywhere, as easy as hangin’ out with the guys, then keep reading…

This Is THE Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For!

By far the most popular item that we’ve seen has been a DVD product that tells you exactly how to seduce a woman – from the opening approach to the first few minutes of real conversation.

This DVD shows you EXACTLY what to say, and the 4 effective energetic "vibes", or pathways that make any of her responses turn into a YES for you.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find out in this start to finish seduction road map:

  • How to use the 4 different approach vibes in the proper combination and sequence, to ensure no matter WHAT your opening words are, the conversation will progress exactly as you want it.
  • How to get past all "compliment resistance" with the super-powered "Implied Compliment" method.
  • The exact different physical angles and approaches to use in different approach scenarios.
  • The "step back" principle; creating an interest "vacuum" to test her willingness, convey safety and power, and condition her from the very beginning to be the one coming after YOU!
  • Three magic words to make ANY opening lines 500% more effective.
  • Mastering the "put-on": how to instantly convert any observed situation or condition into a hilarious, fun, mega-icebreaker that she can’t resist.
  • The 6 Gold-Walk Up beliefs you must master and command to ensure your absolute pick-up mastery!
  • 3 steps you MUST take before you make any approach to triple or quadruple your walk-up success.
  • The 90% rule to eliminate almost any pre-approach jitters.
  • The strategic use of pacing and pauses to create hypnotic response potential within the first 10-15 seconds!
  • Structured assignments and drills to build your walk-up skills.
  • An amazing new "boyfriend ignorer", the best I’ve ever used, that also includes word for word powerful hypnotic language that turns her "boyfriend" objection into a filter of desire, lust and need that she HAS to see you through!
  • The fabulous "Snack Quiz" and "Twin Brother Scenarios": here’s how to get them to actually sit down and easily and smoothly move right into powerful patterning language!

You’ll never get stuck again on where to move things forward with Speed Seduction® language, and you’ll watch as Ross Jeffries demonstrates the power of these scenarios on lovely, young Joannie, who is visibly turned on by the whole thing.

Listen… there’s an unlimited supply of incredible women waiting for you when you’ve learned these fantastic secrets that ensure you’ll never have to worry about what to say, ever, anymore, again!

So if you can relate to what we’re saying in this post, this is the best product we’ve found to date.

Don’t wait. Get your copy right now!

If you still have doubts, go check out Ross’s Speed Seduction website, where he’ll answer all of your questions like,

  • Does this stuff really work?
  • Will this work on older women? Younger women? Beautiful women?
  • Can I use this to get that one special girl I’ve always wanted?
  • Is this disrespectful to women?
  • Does get this course make me a loser? What are your typical students like?
  • I’m not very good at talking, how can I make sure this works for me.
  • Does this course require that I be mean / cruel / a jerk to women? I sure don’t want to do that.
  • Ross, what is your background for being able to train others in Speed Seduction.
  • Isn’t this course really expensive?

While you’re there, check out the Unstoppable Confidence Course, where you’ll discover How To Have Unstoppable Confidence and Power With Women.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this amazing course in just one week:

  • Day One: The Key To Changing Anything You Want, The Power Attitudes For Success With Women, Super-Affirmations To Super-Charge Yourself. (Hey, the power attitudes, BY THEMSELVES, are so incredible that if all you do is listen to this one side, you’ll at least triple your success with women!! But do yourself a favor, and listen to the rest of the tapes too!)
  • Day Two: Building A Thunderously Powerful Self Image: Staying Laid Back To Get You Laid Like Crazy
  • Day Three: Automatic Pick-Up And Seduction Programming!
  • Day Four: Cleaning Up Your Past: Changing Your Flub-Ups, Mistakes, and Snafus Into Powerful Guarantees Of Success!
  • Day Five: Wrap Up And Special "On The Prowl" Super-Chargers, Including the World’s Best Pick-Up Lines and Approaches.
  • Day Six: Special Bonus Side… How To Reach Through Time and Space To Find Your Ideal Dream Lover (my partner begged me not to put this in because he thought we could make big bucks off it by itself as a separate program but I told him where to stick it! Here it is, available to you now, worth your entire investment in and of itself!)  

Don’t wait. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t Get the Unstoppable Confidence Course Today.

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

by Dan & Jennifer
(Now Available on Amazon!)

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