Stripper Lies To Watch Out For (If You Want A One-Night Stand With One)


A stripper will tell you just about anything to get your money - but if you want to take one home with you, you've got to watch out for these untruths! "I Just Started Working Here A Few Nights Ago" This is the most common stripper lie. It plays on our psychology; guys get excited and think they … [Read more...]

4 Types Of Strippers (You MUST Know This If You Want To Date One!)


A stripper will usually fall into one of four categories. Here's how knowing them will help you snag a date with a super hot stripper!In my hundreds of trips to strip clubs around the world, I've learned that the girls basically fall under one of four categories. Knowing these will help you to … [Read more...]

How To Be The Kind Of Guy A Stripper Wants To Date


A stripper has to date men too - but how can you separate yourself from the customers to become the kind of man a stripper wants to go out with?You need to be:Confident Interesting Masculine FunWhen you can convey these four qualities to a woman during the first conversation, I guarantee … [Read more...]

5 Seduction Tips Women Need To Be On Guard For


Seduction can be one of the most exciting and embarrassing moments in a woman’s life. Being put under the spell of Mr. Wrong can leave you wondering why you were ever attracted to him in the first place. As women, guys approach us on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if we’re in a supermarket, a … [Read more...]