Q&A: How To Tell If She Wants To Have Sex With You


If you’re wondering whether a girl wants to have sex with you or not, you’re not alone! Many guys are in the dark when it comes to communicating with a girl, especially when it comes to a topic as delicate as whether she wants to have sex or not. Some girls just come right out and say if they want to have sex with you, but other girls are a little more subtle about it. Here’s how to pick up on the little things that she might do that will let you know that she’s interested in getting down and dirty with you.

Question: How EXACTLY do you know when a girl wants you to have sex with her, because I don’t want to pressure her or anything. I’m just waiting on her to give me a sign!

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What Her Body Language Will Tell You

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Lots of women communicate with their body language rather than telling you exactly what they want you to know. Sure, it may seem frustrating at first, but once you learn how to read body language, you’ll be appreciative of the unspoken gestures that let you know what she wants and how she’s feeling. Women who want to have sex with men will automatically gravitate towards them physically, so she may stand very close to you and be facing you most of the time you and her are around each other. She may rub her body against you on “accident,” for example, if she’s passing by you or leaning over you to get something. She may accidentally brush her butt or breasts and nipples up against you if she’s near you. She also may touch you a lot when you’re talking with her, for example, laying her hand on your knee or arm.

When She Makes Eye Contact With You

Eye contact is a biggie for women and most, if not all, women will make some serious eye contact with a guy they want to get into bed with. She may look you directly in the eyes when you and her are talking, or she may watch your lips as you’re talking. This may mean that she wants to kiss you, or of course, do other things with your lips than just talking. She may also look up and down your body or very obviously check you out when you walk away. Eye contact, along with body language, is one of the easiest ways to tell that she’s into you sexually. If she keeps looking at you and her attention doesn’t seem to be elsewhere, it’s a pretty safe bed that she wants something more.

If She Compliments You

Sure, women will complement your clothes or your hair, but if a woman wants you sexually, she’ll complement more than that. She’ll complement your body parts, such as how big and strong your arms or legs are, or how great you look in a swimsuit. She may put her hands on your shoulders or neck and exclaim how firm they are, or even compliment your hands or lips.

If She Wants Alone Time With You

If you and your girl are hanging out with friends and her friends are ready to go, she may be fine with letting them go and staying to hang out with you. She may try to get you alone every chance she gets! When a girl goes out of her way to try to get alone time with you, she’s trying to find a window in which she can make a move on you or prompt you to make a move on her.

If She Brings Up Sexual Topics

A woman that wants to have sex with you may not come right out and say it, however, she may have nothing on her mind but sex and that will definitely come out in the conversation. She may bring up sexual topics such as breast enlargement, sex tips, funny sex stories or anything to do with sex at all. She may start a friendly debate about whether or not girls can have a libido as high as a man’s, or she may ask you what you like in the bedroom! Either way, if she’s talking about sex, she’s most likely wanting sex with you.

When She Comes Right Out And Tells You

While most guys have to interpret body language and eye contact to figure out if a girl wants to hop in bed with them, there are a few women who will just come right out and say it. She may invite you back to her house for “drinks” or suggest going over to yours after hanging out with friends. Of course, if your girl does, lucky for you!

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