How Guys Can Master The Art of Seduction And Attract Women


Seduction and flirting is an art that is hard to master. In fact, you pretty much need to be a natural, right? Look at George Clooney. That oldie isn’t even trying and yet he keeps popping up in lists of the most handsome men in the world. However, just because you don’t know squat about women doesn’t mean that you can’t learn.

Surveys show that 70% of men are clueless as to what women want in a relationship or even the bedroom. Read on below and stop being a loser with the ladies. Find out how you can use seduction to snag the woman who has eluded you for so long.

Use The Indirect Seduction Approach

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This means that you have to create a false sense of security. Women feel secure when men are standing or approaching them from a slight distance. If you approach them directly, or even worse invade their personal space, you are immediately creating a wall of distrust. So slow down and approach a girl like a pro; take your time and casually and naturally get closer.

This also applies to corny chat up lines. Don’t go gung-ho and in – your – face! The old approach of using pick up lines will no longer work, or else you will just look like a dorky Adam Sandler in a romantic movie. What you need to use is a third party or excuse to connect with her, and act as nonchalant and cool as you can be. Do not let the woman sense that you have a hidden agenda or she will run away. Befriend her first and then gradually become her lover.

Establish Mystery

Did you know that Brad Pitt does not talk much? That is right, talkative men are friends, not lovers. Even George Clooney smiles in a way that creates seduction and mystery. If you banter and talk a lot of nonsense, you are much more of an embarrassment and a liability. Mysterious men leave the woman something to think about, something to crave for, something to want. Maintain silence at times or gentle banter and keep your smiles to a minimum. Do not smile like you have a clothes hanger in your mouth. Keep it crisp. When you talk, hit the right notes.

Smell Like A Star

Male celebrities love to smell great – and they gave to with all that attention they get. Women love clean and well groomed men. Add a little celebrity touch by smelling nice – don’t over power her with your ‘sweat.’ You are a guy and your natural pheromones only stimulates a woman’s desire when she’s into you, but only in measured doses. Do you know what I mean?

Of course, it is needless to say that if you have a bad body odor, you need to wear deodorant. The human brain has the ability to smell pheromones. These are naturally occurring scent in humans that drive sexual nature. Use this to your advantage by positioning yourself in a manner in which the air will take your scent to her nose. Stay close to her but maintain an acceptable distance.

Create Need And Temptation

Once you have established an atmosphere of trust, stir the woman’s anxiety. Women are emotional and love to be appreciated and admired. You will praise the woman in ways she never imagined and later on, she will consistently look for your companionship because she will feel good in your company. Now don’t over do it or you will appear desperate and a bit of a creep. Keep your comments real and genuine.

Another way to execute this is to use seduction to cause them to believe that there is something missing in their lives that only you can provide. Be useful to her in some way. Perhaps you’re good at DIY, gardening, IT – or anything! Casually mention a few useful skills and she will be intrigued. Once the bate is set, lead them to water.

Establish Social Value

Men fail to attract women because they act like useless pigs. As mentioned earlier, you should not be an eager beaver. You are letting it all down if you ask her out right away. Before you even do all that, make sure that the woman sees you as someone who has a lot to offer. This may not be in the form of money but in the form of other things such as being popular and having many friends. Women are social animals by nature and they admire a well connected guy who has a network of good friends.

A few other ways to convey social value is to dress well with good fashion sense and an appreciation for quality, have strong confident body language and a relaxed manner. Women are not the only visual creatures out there, and although they may place a little more important on personality, every one of them notices a well dressed and confident man.

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