How To Touch A Girl The RIGHT Way


Seduction is essential to any situation that could lead to sex. Touching her the right way is going to put you in the driver’s seat. The important thing to remember here is EXECUTION. Do it inappropriately, you lose. Do it right, and you’ll earn the chance to take it to another level. Touch will either relax her or tense her up, depending on how artfully it’s done and how she interprets it.

Utilize Natural Situations

Initiating touch with long-time partners is easy because you’ve been been with them for long. You can be as forward as cupping the breasts while watching the evening news and she’ll probably not bludgeon you. It’s a lot different with new partners – the best move is to look for situations that naturally promote initial touches.

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Context and timing are important. It’s more natural for example, to be bumping bodies in a packed club than in a quiet and empty museum.

Acclimatize Her

So your hands straight to the chest is not usually a sane first move. Always start with the safer parts of her anatomy. Smooth guys work best by smoothly transitioning from low impact to high impact areas without the girl being fully conscious or defensive about it.

Start with her fingers, hands, elbows and shoulders. Rushing to erotic regions on a first date is stupid, go too fast and she’ll slam the brakes on you. High impact zones (eg. breasts & inner thighs) will get her worked up, but they work only after a certain level of comfort is achieved.

Dealing with them too early in the game will only reap the negative. So acclimatize low impact zones first before planning an assault on areas where the sun don’t shine.

Your timeline will vary from woman to woman, so calibrate from her reactions and the situation. In time you will know how your wife, girlfriend or date simmers best.

Learn HOW To Touch Them

How you touch them is of prime importance. You want to send the message that you’re a sensual guy comfortable in his own skin. Never stroke a woman and display the, “I’M REALLY NOT SURE ABOUT THIS” look. It will make her uneasy and uncertain about you, she’ll get weirded out.

When touching seems like a big deal for you, it also becomes a big deal for her, because just as you’re calibrating from her reactions, she is also calibrating from your leading! This is Psychology 101.

If you’re already straining to touch her even at low impact areas, how can you seriously be thinking about having sex? If you can’t even confidently land your hands on top of her shoulders, how can you get your body on top of her?

She may like you a lot, but as a lady, she is very unlikely to initiate touching. Even in this age, lots of women would still rather wait. So get over it, break the touch barrier yourself.

She Wants You To Touch Her

Her skin, the largest organ in her body, responds to tactile stimulation – every last centimeter of it. Soulful touching embraces her as a whole, not just a few special areas. Over-attentiveness to special zones only makes the rest of her fade to the background.

Instead, search and stimulate every nerve, every corner, discover uncharted paths and awaken every inch of her being. Being thorough is the name of the game.

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