How Women REALLY Look At Men!


Seduction is actually many different aspects of a puzzle, put together. Find out the truth about how girls view guys to up your seduction game!

She Does it So Fast!

It only takes seconds for her to evaluate your potential as a lover. Women revel in the world of first impressions and assign tremendous significance to what their guts tell them. “I just know,” she says.

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It’s amazing how she thinks she’s got you all figured out just by observing how you walk, kiss or hold her hand. She notices everything, by the way, like how clean or dirty your shoes are, or how totally unorganized your closet is.

Men don’t have that gift (or curse). We’re more into the ‘big picture’ kind of stuff. How big are her breasts? How big is the storage space, how big is the engine? Clean shoes are always good, but for us, it’s not a make-or-break thing. As long as they fit and function as barrier between our stinking feet and the wet pavement, it’s all good!

Our bedmates are a little bit more complicated though – they’re crazy about details! Their senses are attuned to minutiae. Looking at things in angles and magnifications that we usually don’t go for. While guys fantasize of having a larger penis, women yearn for the little things – those tiny sexual tweakings that make a big difference.

Women Notice Details – So What?

Well, it’s really not so bad -UNTIL THEY START READING INTO THOSE DETAILS – no thanks to her ultra-active brain. Women give meaning to any minor thing we do and read volumes from the mundane.

So how does this figure into the sex?

Let’s just say your life would be much easier if women don’t read so much into your actions inside the bedroom. How you caress her for example, can be interpreted in uncanny ways. Simple things like a touch can brand you as a: lover, selfish self-centered bastard, groper, touchy-feely gay man, or Don Juan.

They evaluate the way you kiss and relate it to your personality. So you can be ‘gentle and sweet,’ ‘fast and furious’ or ‘so-so’ without even knowing it. They also notice if you’re licking clockwise or counterclockwise during oral sex, or if you really don’t know what the heck you’re doing down there and are just waiting to hit pay dirt.

For guys, these details, much less their interpretations, don’t make squat of a difference. As long as we get to score on those huge breasts tonight, we’re happy.

Symbolic Sex?

But sex has a glaring symbolic meaning for women. They’ll leave lame husbands and boyfriends for others who make love much better precisely because for them, sex is not just sex. Your actions reflect how you see her as a person, how you value her feelings and treasure her satisfaction.

Remember that your actions will not be taken at face value as sex will have ramifications outside the bedroom.

If you’re terrible and inconsiderate inside the love chambers, she will respond as a nasty, overbearing diva outside – which is a reality shared by many husbands everyday. At the same time, if you give her an amazing time, positive consequences will spill out – and her nagging just might stop.

For her, sex doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so watch out. Through all the meanings women attribute to details, they are able to deduce anything and everything.

So if you want your game tighter than 90% of the men out there, better start appreciating details. Notice the way you kiss or touch. Imagine how would that feel to her. Do that and be in a position to create a lot of these different details.

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