Sex Tips: 5 Ways To Keep A One Night Stand From Being Awkward


Having sex with someone you just met can be super fun and frisky, but it can also be downright weird if things don’t go the way you planned. There’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults hooking up for some naughty satisfaction, but there are lots of ways to ruin a good one night stand. Avoid one night stand mishaps by following these five simple but essential rules.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

You might be tempted to leave something of yours behind at your hookup’s house to either get them to remember you or give yourself an excuse to go back and have sex with them again. This is a definite one night stand no-no. When you’re hooking up, make sure that you don’t wear or bring anything valuable to you. You definitely don’t want to wear jewelry and while you may want to look nice, your favorite jeans or best looking shirt is not something you want to leave behind. Let’s face it – if you leave something of yours behind after a one night stand, it’s a good bet you’re never going to see it again. And you shouldn’t.

Don’t Ask For A Phone Number

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Some people may feel tempted to score a phone number after a one night stand, even if it’s just to save face. This is one of the worst hookup mistakes you can make! No matter how awesome the sex was or how great an orgasm you had, calling them, texting them or emailing them is just not going to make you look very cool. In fact, it will make you look quite desperate! If you’re going to have a one night stand and have sex with someone you don’t know, make it stay it that way and don’t get to know them. They probably don’t want to get to know you. The one exception to this rule is if you and your f-buddy have decided beforehand that the sexual relationship will be a long standing one, i.e. a booty call.

Don’t Keep Their Stuff In Your House

For the same reason that you shouldn’t leave your stuff behind after one night stand sex, you shouldn’t hang on to stuff around that they might have left at your place. Whether it’s a thong, boxers or a nice watch, pitch it. There’s a reason you don’t bring anything valuable to a sex hookup, especially if it’s with someone you just met or don’t know well. If you happen to have their phone number, you can send them a casual text that they’ve left something, but hopefully you don’t have their phone number and they don’t have yours. If you are able to, however, make sure you designate a completely benign time and place for them to pick it up such as a restaurant during the day or heck, the post office. The idea is to make it completely casual.

Don’t Be Tempted To Cuddle

A lot of girls will insist on cuddling after sex, much to the man’s chagrin. Of course, sometimes it is vice versa. However, if it was a hookup and a hookup only, cuddling is a big mistake no matter who initiates it. You don’t know them and they don’t know you, so why do you want to hold each other in an intimate way? Cuddling completely takes away from the thrill of no-holds barred sex (and sex only) with someone you don’t know. After sex, make a beeline for the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up so you can start getting dressed. A simple, “That was great, thanks!” conversation is all you need after a one night stand.

Don’t Stalk Them Online

So you’ve gotten the one night stand out of your system and it was great. The oral sex was great, the intercourse was great and it was exactly what you needed. Leave it there and move on. Too many people (mostly women, but some men too) are tempted to stalk their f-buddy online on various social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Sure, you’d like to check out some pics of your super hot hookup, but do you really want to see his wedding pictures or the pictures of his kids? Do you really want to see what her boyfriend looks like or who else might have hit that? Exactly. If you simply can’t resist checking out their Facebook page, for the love of all that is sacred, do not “friend” them or leave a comment. The best way to move forward after a one night stand is to do exactly that.

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