7 Ways To Get Laid By Being Just A Friend


Think you can’t seduce a woman who’s just a friend, huh? Well that must suck, especially because the movies and TV make it out to be such a big deal. They say if you’re her friend, you’ll never be anything more than friends with her. Well I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

In fact, it’s a bold faced lie.

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And in this article, you’ll discover 7 seduction tips that show how being “just a friend” can HELP you turn your friendship into a sexual relationship. (Maybe you can even date her in the long run)

Be The Nicest Man She’s Ever Met

Boy, just reading that makes you feel like you’re less “sexy,” right? Well, you should know that women love “nice guys” – they just don’t like “weak men.” What’s the difference? Well a nice guy is someone who treats a woman right. Someone who makes her feel special, sexy and important.

And a “weak man” is a man who lets other people walk all over him.

But fear not! Because there are a few, very simple, very easy ways to show her that YOU are a nice guy, not a weak man:

  • When she says something you don’t agree with, don’t agree with her. This doesn’t mean you have to be a prick. Be nice, just don’t be afraid to say “no” or “I don’t agree with you” every once in awhile.
  • Tease her, and put her down lightly. You see, nice guys are afraid of ever hurting her feelings. So afraid, they never tease her or make fun of her at all. You should feel free to make fun of her funny mistakes, the same way your friends tease you when you accidentally leave the garage door open, for example. This type of “teasing” is extremely attractive to women. (An example: Oh man, you’re terrible at that. Nope, I’m never letting you do that, ever again.)
  • You don’t have to return her calls if you’re busy. For example, she calls and you’re playing video games with a friend, feel free to let the call go to voicemail. Don’t be afraid to take your “alone” time, she’ll understand.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Romantic

Romance is another trait most nice guys have. Yet you may be embarrassed by how romantic you’d like to be with women. For example, you might be thinking, “well what if she doesn’t like it? What if I’m coming on way too strong?”

And sometimes, you’d be right. Most of the time, however, women love a little romance. Even from their friends. So showing your romantic side will win you brownie points – if you follow these three rules:

  • RULE ONE: The romance should always be for you. Yeah, you buy her flowers to brighten her day. But why did you think about buying flowers in the frist place? Was it because you were in a romantic mood? Or because buying her flowers would make you feel good? As long as your emotional pleasure is the main CAUSE of romance, she’ll pick up on it, and appreciate the gesture. (This is what women’s intuition is for)
  • RULE TWO: Don’t overdo it. Little gestures are bigger than big gestures. A pair of slippers for her to wear because she’s always cold in your house is a MUCH better surprise than a candle light dinner for two (unless it’s Valentine’s Day, or a special holiday.) Keep your presents small…
  • RULE THREE: Curb your compliments. When you get the urge to compliment a woman, take a second and stop. Do you want to make her like you? Or do you want to make her feel good? The second is good. The first is “weak man” territory.

Make Her Feel Good

Who do you like to hang around more? A friend who makes you feel bad or a friend who makes you feel good?

Being a nice guy means wanting to make people feel good. Being a weak man means wanting to make people like you. Here’s how you can stay on the “ nice guy” side:

  • When you’re talking to someone, always ask yourself, “How can I make this person feel good ABOUT HIMSELF?” Most men ask “How can I make this person feel good ABOUT ME?” And it’s a losing, weak man question.
  • Feel free to become interested in people. You may feel like you get “too” interested in people, and you may feel like they’ll be annoyed you want to know so much about them. Such a thing has NEVER happened! People will talk about themselves for HOURS, as long as you make them feel good about themselves. So ask away.
  • Finally, always compliment. Never criticize. A great book for dealing with people is “How To Win Friends And Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie. His main principle: Never criticize, condemn or complain. And if you’re trying to get a girlfriend, get laid or even get a one night stand, being positive will get your farther than bitching or whining.

Give Her Respect

You respect her. This means you treat her like a lady. This means you want to take things slow, and not rush into a sexual situation she may regret later. This is fine and OK. Here’s what you NEED to remember, though:

  • Women are sexual. Just like men are sexual. Just like you are sexual. This doesn’t mean you’re thinking about sex 24/7 (or maybe you are) This means you like sex (and oral sex and anal sex and…you get the picture), and you want sex to be a natural part of your life. So when you respect a woman, don’t forget to respect this part of her personality, as well.
  • This means no judging, no calling her a slut, but it also means you can feel free to hold her hand, stroke her hair and kiss her, as long as the timing is right.

Once You Get Into Bed With Her….

Being a nice guy, you think sex with this girl is going to be important and special. Well, Skippy, that’s what she wants, too. She wants sex with you to be special and important and romantic and emotional and dirty and kinky and sweaty and FUN.

So use your desire to get sexual with her as a TOOL to treat her nicely:

  • Make your first time sex special. After a nice date, come back to your place and invite her up to watch a movie. From there, you can gradually make your move, so sex feels like something that “just happened” for her. This is the greatest gift you can give a woman.
  • Also – during sex – feel free to make her feel special. Do this by telling her how sexy she looks and how good she’s making you feel. You don’t like having sex with a silent woman, do you? You like when she tells you how good she’s feeling. Return the favor – show her how special she makes you feel.

How Being Shy Can Actually Help You

Here’s a ground-breaking thought: Women like shy guys. Women like quiet guys. Why? Because shy, quiet guys are mysteries to be solved. And women can’t get enough of a man who’s a mystery. So why aren’t women beating down your door to date you? Because women are scared of making the first move.

So the one – EXTREMELY EASY – way to use your shy side to date ANY woman is simply to make the first move. To ask her out to coffee. To touch her first. If you do this, and she knows you’re shy, she’ll know how big of a move this was, for you.

And she’ll feel special and flattered by it – exactly the way you want her feel.

Let Her Know That You Like HER…Not Some Random Girl

And this is the most important quality of all! Because you’re her friend and because you’re a nice guy, you like her for her. You don’t want just some random woman’s random sex. You want her. You want her good parts. You want her flaws. And you want her because you think SHE is special.

Don’t underestimate how powerful this urge is. Imagine someone walking up to you and saying, “I’ve traveled the world and I’ve met hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve seen the pyramids in Egypt and I’ve walked along the Great Wall of China. I’ve met every culture, every nationality and seen things I couldn’t have imagined or made up in a thousand years. But you are the most important person in the world to me, and I want to be with you.”

Makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Obviously it’s an exaggerated example, but doesn’t it match up with SO MANY of the romantic fantasies in movies and books? Luckily for you, you actually feel this way about her.

So don’t be afraid to show it. Just make sure you don’t come across like a “weak man” trying to suck up to her, for attention.

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