The 5 Hardest Ways To Get A One Night Stand


Sex – sometimes you just want to have it with no strings attached. Truth is, sometimes women feel the exact same way.

In fact, there are just as many WOMEN out looking for a one night stand as MEN out looking for a one night stand. So why is it so damn tough to hook up? It’s because you’re looking in the wrong place!

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So in this article, you’ll discover the 5 most popular places most men go to have a one night stand and why they’re the TOUGHEST places in the whole world to meet a girl.

Sports Bars/Watering Holes

You figure: Well, since it’s a bar, not a club, the people are more laid back and relaxed. The girls are more open to sex. And I feel comfortable here. This should be easy.

The reality: Bars are the TOUGHEST place to pick up ladies for a one night stand. Why?

  • Her friends are here, watching her. They’ll judge her if she goes home with a guy.
  • Other people see her here every week, and if she goes home with you, she’ll seem like a slut.
  • She probably just wants to hang out and grab a drink with a few friends, not get approached by some horny stranger.

So if you’re trying to meet women at a bar, for a one night stand, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

How can you increase your chances of having sex? Imagine you know her from high school, and approach her that way. No, don’t say it – just think it.

For example: You approach with a friendly energy, like you already know her. You jump into the conversation, instead of starting a new one. And you talk to her AND her friends, before you pull her away.

Dance Clubs

You figure: Girls say they go to clubs to “dance with their friends.” That’s got to be bullshit. The only reason a woman would get dressed up like that and get that drunk is if she wanted to meet guys.

The reality: Some girls – a lot of them – actually go to clubs to dance with their friends. I wouldn’t believe it either, if my girlfriend didn’t head out every couple of weeks to dance with her friends, then come home, alone, and still stone sober.

So what you didn’t realize is THOSE ladies don’t want to be bothered. The same way you wouldn’t want to be bothered if you were hanging out with your friends at a bar. However, there’s probably an obstacle you DIDN’T predict:

  • “The Club Scene” has it’s own rules and culture. If you’re not in it, you stick out like a sore thumb.
  • The hottest women in the clubs are ALL in “the club scene,” and know all the “club scene” people at that club. If YOU aren’t in “the scene,” she can’t go home with you. It’s MAJOR negative points to her credibility in “The Scene.”

So have you ever wondered how come the HOTTEST girls in any given club just blow guys off, left and right? It’s not necessarily because she’s a bitch. It’s because going home with someone who’s not in “the scene” would ruin her social life, for good.

How can you fix that? Become part of “the scene.” Then you can flirt with her and take her home because you’re part of the crowd. Honestly though, unless you already enjoy going out clubbing 5-7 nights a week, this “scene” probably isn’t for you.

Meeting Women Online

You figure: Lots of hot women don’t like bars and clubs, and with all the advertisements, there must be plenty of chicks online. I’ve got cool interests, this should be easy.

The reality: Ever been at a party with two guys for every girl? It’s tough as hell to meet those chicks, because everybody and their brother is fighting for their attention. In the same way YOU would get tons of attention, if you took a baking or cooking class with a bunch of women. Girls at male dominated parties all of the sudden have choice, selection and power.

Now, imagine if that party had 6 or 7 men for every single attractive woman. That’s exactly what the online dating ratio is like because commercials on TV suck in average men like you and me. But the women come at a much slower pace. And the hot ones leave, right away, when they see the creepy messages they get.

This means women who date online are:

  • Bombarded with messages. Want to see how many? Open a fake account using profile pictures from a hot friend of yours, or woman you know. See what messages you get from guys.
  • Drunk with power. Imagine if every time YOU logged into an internet dating website, there were 30 messages waiting for you.
  • These women are itching for a man to commit to a long, steady relationship – before – she has sex with him.

If you’re looking for a one night stand, close your computer. It won’t do you any good.

Strip Clubs

You figure: Ladies who work in strip clubs must be super sexy, and easy. They take their clothes off for money, for crying out loud!

The reality: Strippers have the most “game” out of any woman alive. Their jobs REQUIRE them to milk as much money out of you as possible. This doesn’t make them “evil” women – no, no. This makes them good at their profession.

This also means:

  • Any affection you get from a stripper is probably trying to get money from you. Lots of teasing, lots of flirting, and all of it leading to more expensive, private dances.
  • Most offers to come home with you aren’t on the “up and up” if you catch my drift.
  • Finally, strippers – like “club girls” – have their own sets of dating and sex rules. Many far too complicated to mention, here.

So if you want to date – or sleep with – a stripper, you’ve got your work cut out for you. A one night stand? You’re barking up one of the TOUGHEST trees out there, partner.

Giving Your Ex A Booty Call

You figure: You already had sex with your ex-girlfriend. She always said it was good. And since she’s still single, maybe she’d like to come over to bump uglies.

The reality: Your timing is probably not the best, because you’re somewhat “desperate” for sex. And she can smell that on you, coming from a mile away. So if you finally get the booty call, here’s what you can expect:

  • Lots of her trying to be “in the right” for your breakup.
  • Lots of blame games, bullshit and fighting.
  • Her pretending to be “disgusted” that you still want sex.

Let’s say you two DO hop in the sack. You’ll probably start to build a relationship again. Probably one that’s got SERIOUS flaws. And definitely not a one night stand.

The Easiest Place To Have A One Night Stand

It’s very simple: Anywhere you can meet a woman, during the day. Because when you meet women during the day, she’s not expecting there to be a sexual spark. When there is, she’s got less “shields” up against you. Mostly because this has never happened to her, before.

And she’ll be excited to try something new.

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