How To Establish A Connection With A Stripper


A stripper is the ultimate goal of any true Mack. When you are trying to gain the affection of a stripper, it is essential to establish a connection early on. Here is a short tutorial on how you can instantly separate yourself from the other guys in the club with little effort.

Make Eye Contact With Here First

Make eye contact with her before she starts to come over to your table. Give her a smile and a nod. As soon as she sees this she will start to come over to you. If she’s dancing onstage when you notice her, you can make eye contact and give her a subtle hand wave to indicate you want her to come join you when she gets offstage. Normally, dancers will alternate between sitting with customers and dancing onstage for a few songs.

Offer Her A Seat At Your Table

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When she comes over to you, offer her a seat at your table. Do this before she tries to sit down on your lap. It’s always important for you to separate yourself, in her mind, from the endless parade of regular customers she encounters at the club. The other guys love the opportunity to get her on their laps, and start putting their hands on her.

A suave guy gives the impression that he already gets all the attention he can handle from females; he certainly doesn’t need to visit a strip club in order to get his hands on a woman. He knows that when he starts flirting with a woman she will be his.

Control The Conversational Flow

From this point, your goal is to control the flow of the conversation. Just as you’re not going to allow her to go into her routine, and start asking you questions, you’re not going to follow the typical customer routine and ask her stupid questions.

Listen to the average customer trying to “converse” with a stripper, and you’ll probably hear him ask her questions like these:

•    “So how long have you danced here?”

•    “Do you enjoy working here?”

•    “What’s it like working here?”

•    “Do your family/friends know you work here?”

She Won’t Date A Customer

Skip this pointless small talk and start talking about things that are completely unrelated to her work. This is a powerful way to frame yourself as an original, confident guy, rather than as a customer.

Remember, dancers don’t bang “customers.”

They all have a hang-up about this: dating a customer, in their eyes of their co-workers and management, could be interpreted as prostitution (or just plain slutty behavior). You want her to view you as a cool, confident guy who does none of the things that customers do, and therefore she sees you as a romantic/sexual option. You want to be an alpha male who is going to get her attention quickly.

Go On A “Mini-Date”

Earlier, I mentioned how the best place to sit is near a speaker. This is because it  gives you a reason to tell her, “let’s move somewhere quieter, I want to be able to hear you.”

This shows you value what she has to say, and gives it the feel like a  “mini date:” you’re controlling the flow and taking her somewhere else to have this interaction, even if it’s just to the other side of the room.

If, when you get up to move locations, she suggests a trip to the VIP room (where the dances are way more expensive), use this joke: “No thanks, I’m too tired to dance for you tonight.” Then take her hand and lead her over to a more secluded seating area.

Take Action And Make It Happen

Macks are leaders with confidence. Macks take control of the flow and the tempo all conversations. One way to establish this early on is to take her by the hand, and bring her over to a quieter location.

As a Mack, you’ll take an “under the radar” approach that never shows your interest in her. You give her the impression that you’re a guy with high standards who is difficult to impress, but you think she might be a pretty cool chick, so you’re willing to talk to her and get to know her.

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