Stripper Lies To Watch Out For (If You Want A One-Night Stand With One)


A stripper will tell you just about anything to get your money – but if you want to take one home with you, you’ve got to watch out for these untruths!

“I Just Started Working Here A Few Nights Ago”

This is the most common stripper lie. It plays on our psychology; guys get excited and think they have a “chance” to score with a stripper (and possibly have sex with her) when they find out she’s new and isn’t jaded and all about making money. Then what happens is the customer spends money on her, thinking it will impress her and she’ll go home with him. She won’t, and she’ll have made hundreds of dollars from spinning her lies, just like she planned on.

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I once met a very cute stripper who told me she’d just started working at the club “last night.” (This was before I learned how the game was played.) I figured it was my lucky day: I’d met a girl who was new, fresh, and was probably more “real” than the other girls – which meant I might have a chance at dating her.

(I didn’t, although I did blow a hundred bucks on dances that night.)

Fast-forward eight months. I came back to the strip club and she sat down with me again. (She had no recollection of ever meeting me.) When I asked her how long she’d been working at the club, she told me she’d just started two days ago. And I’m sure that to this day, she’s still feeding customers this line of crap.

This is a typical stripper ploy, to make you think she’s innocent and fresh—not like the other girls. And it’s all calculated, of course, to make you lower your guard and spend money on her.

If you hear this from a stripper, don’t try to challenge her on it. Just nod, smile, and say “Oh, well I hope its going okay so far,” and then move the conversation onto something else—knowing that you’ve just deflected an attempt to hustle you.

“I’m Having A Bad Night, I Haven’t Even Paid Off My Stage Fee. Could You Cover It For Me?”

Dancers are normally required to pay the club a “stage fee” or a “house fee” every time they work a shift. If business is slow, or there’s a ton of competition from other dancers, it’s possible for a stripper to wind up losing money on a shift, when you also factor in the tips she needs to pay out to the support staff.

However, when you hear this from a stripper, it’s usually an attempt to gain sympathy and get you to fork over some money. The average guy might think, “Sure, why not just cover her $75 stage fee? I’ll be a hero and she’ll have to repay me somehow, maybe by going on a date!” But remember, this is a ploy to get your money. When you run out of money, she won’t think twice about moving on to another customer.

Other lies they’ll tell you: You can bet money that they have a great story about why they became strippers. These stories always involve some (if not all) of the following terms: “My boyfriend,” “My ex-boyfriend,” “Prison,” “Hospital,” “Just moved,” and my personal favorite, “Hooters girls don’t really make that much money.”

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