Seduction Methods To Close The Deal With ANY Stripper!


A stripper will get typical customers trying to ask them out on a daily basis. YOU need to be different. Once you’re successfully escalating and you can tell she’s feeling the physical attraction, it’s time for you to close the deal.

Don’t Linger In The “ZONE”

Remember the old rule of show business: “leave ‘em wanting more.” You need to be the one to end the conversation and excuse yourself while the interaction is at a high point, so that she wants to see you again soon and pick up where you left off.

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Otherwise, the longer you drag out the interaction, the greater the chance that she will feel she needs to get back to hustling and making money. Even if she’s totally into the conversation, she can only talk to you for so long before she’ll start to feel that she needs to get back to work.

2 Ways To Close A Stripper On Duty

1. Get Her Phone Number

Plan on calling her/texting her soon to see her outside of the strip club. Hopefully tonight. Be sure to find out during the conversation when her shift ends.

2. Use A 2nd Location

If her shift ends within the next few hours, make a plan to meet her at another location. I suggest you make it a late-night restaurant—strippers are usually hungry after working a long shift.  The key is to invite her to come along and join you somewhere. Lay out a specific plan that is easy for her to agree with.

Set Your Plans In Stone

You may have no intention of heading to this place later tonight, if you’re alone, but you’ve got to present it this way to her—as if your plans for later on are already set, and she’s welcome to come along so you can continue this cool conversation.

In U.S. cities, restaurants like Denny’s, I-Hop, etc are good locations for the meet. Even better are local pub-restaurants where you can grab a burger and some drinks afterwards.

Make it a place that she’s probably already familiar with. If she has no idea where it is, she’s very unlikely to try to drive around and find it in the middle of the night.

Don’t Even Bother Trying To Make A “Date Plan”

Inviting her to dinner or a movie next week while you’re talking to her in the club or while you’re getting a lap dance is pretty much hopeless. If you try to suggest this, she’ll probably agree to it, out of politeness, but she’ll forget all about it as soon as you leave. Besides, she’ll probably be working that night.

Always try to sleep with her tonight. Strippers usually lead busy, hectic (if not chaotic) lives and meet new guys every day. Trying to build a “friendship first” and taking it slow is the downfall of many guys when they’re trying to hook up with women—and this is especially true when you are dealing with strippers. Strike while the iron is hot and the sparks are flying!

Make The First Conversation A Winner!

The first conversation is all about gathering information on her,  communicating your confident, playful personality, and working towards the “close.” Guide the conversation along—never allowing her to control the conversation and the topics—and build your bond with her using the right body language.

Learn the special details about her that you know she doesn’t share with her customers. This ensures that when you do call or text her, she’ll immediately remember who you are, and you can refer to things you talked about—especially the private “in jokes” you shared.

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