Stripper Pick Up Tips – Your Game Plan


Stripper girls are difficult to date, right? Wrong! You just have to have the right tactics. Here’s how YOU can bring a stripper home FOR FREE tonight!

Can You Really Date A STRIPPER?

Imagine how boring it can be for a stripper, having to sit with lame-ass customers night after night and listen to them blather on about their miserable jobs and marriages, or brag about how rich and awesome they are. The fact is, most of the guys who frequent strip clubs have terrible social skills. So when you show up and inject fun into their evening, making them feel attracted to you is not going to be a big stretch.

It’s Their Job, Right?

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Now in the strip club, obviously the dynamics are a lot different because it is the woman’s job to seduce the men. As long as a stripper thinks you’re willing to spend money, she isn’t going to ignore you or blow you off. That would be bad business. No matter how unattractive or boring the guy is, if he’s offering to spend money on lap dances, she’ll be willing to hang out with him and entertain him.

However, a stripper —just like any other woman—are going to quickly form an opinion of you. 99% of the time, she knows right away that the guy she’s with is a customer; she’ll try to make money from him, and will never even consider sleeping with him. If he’s not spending, she’s gone.

Get Her Out Of “Business Mode”

You want to be in the other 1%. This means you’re going to break her out of “business mode” and make her view you as a fun, interesting, attractive guy who she can picture herself hanging out with her outside of her work. When you ask her questions about herself, you’ll be a guy she wants to impress—because you have status and value.

(The fact that you aren’t buying a striptease or a lap dance can be a sign of your status—when you frame it the right way. Otherwise, you just look like you’re being cheap. I’ll explain how to do this later.)

The important thing to remember is that you must have a game plan and then execute this game plan, step by step, to the best of your ability. If you encounter resistance from the girl when you try to move to the next step, it means you haven’t “warmed her up” properly and you need to do more of what you were doing in order to move things forward. Wash, rinse, repeat.

How To Seduce A Stripper, Step By Step

Build comfort with them. In strip clubs, guys normally aren’t concerned with making the girls feel comfortable hanging out with them. They reek of horniness and desperation and can’t keep their hands off the girls. Or, they’re intimidated—they simply follow the stripper’s lead, go along with her suggestions, and keep reaching into their wallet to fork over more cash. The stripper would never feel comfortable dating these guys away from her work.

You, on the other hand, are going to use techniques to make her feel comfortable with you. You’ll do things such as:

  • Demonstrate that you’re not a “customer” by responding to her approach the right way. (When she asks “do you want a dance,” you deflect it with the correct tactic)
  • Show that you understand her profession & her “hustle”— and you respect it
  • Identify her “hidden talent” or the ambition she wants to pursue
  • Compliment her on qualities that most guys wouldn’t bother to notice about her. (Her sense of humor, cool personality, business smarts, etc)
  • Display some chivalry—small, courteous gestures that make show her that she’s in the presence of as “masculine protector”

Next, you’ll tease her and make her qualify herself. In this stage, you “flip the script” and start challenging her (in a playful way). You ask her questions and make statements that make her want to show you that she’s cool enough, smart enough, fun enough, sexy enough, etc. to be a part of your world. You’re going to frame yourself as a guy who knows a lot of beautiful women and is familiar with the whole “stripper game.” The question is, what’s so special about this girl you’re sitting with that qualifies her to be with you?

Taking It Even Further

Then, escalate and sexualize the interaction. It’s not enough for you to be the “funny guy,” the “smart guy,” or even the “cool guy.” And just being her friend isn’t going to get her in the sack with you, either. In order to move the seduction forward, you’ve got to introduce some sexual banter into the conversation and physically touch her (in a way that seems natural, not creepy). Get her into a sexual mind-frame where she is imagining what sex with you would be like.

Then, you “close” her. This can involve a few different steps with a stripper. Usually, the first part of the “close” is getting her phone number. The next step is meeting her outside of the club—either later tonight (which is the ideal scenario), or within the next few days. And the final step is getting her back to your place and having sex.

This last step doesn’t necessarily need to take place in your bed. With strippers, you never know where a “sexual eruption” might occur. Back alleys, parking lots, nightclub bathrooms, elevators, abandoned buildings – the possibilities are endless when you master the art of seducing the stripper!

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