10 “Power Tactics” For Scoring Strippers

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A stripper is the kind of girl that is unattainable, right? Wrong! Check out these ten excellent tips that will help you (yes, YOU) get laid by a stripper!

Experienced guys don’t view strip clubs through the eyes of the average chump customer. They see target-rich environments filled with sexy, available women. They’re also a great place to hone your skills and become comfortable flirting with 9’s and 10’s in other settings.

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Sure, the girls are looking to get your money. It’s their job. This is why you’ve got to flip the script, cause them to stop perceiving you as a customer, and make them play YOUR game instead of playing theirs.

Put the these great tactics to work, and you can build connections, collect phone numbers, and set up dates just as you would at a bar.

1. Have A Bulletproof Mindset

Know you’re way more interesting and confident than 99% of the customers who come to this place. A stripper will spend most of their shift having tedious conversations with lame, unattractive men. Once you’ve demonstrated otherwise, she’ll be pleasantly surprised to meet you.

2. Have Confidence!

When you enter the club, have confidence and walk around with your head held high, like you own the place. Never lurk or mill around as if you’re unsure of where to sit. Find a seat and settle in and relax!

3. Make Her Sit BESIDE You

When a hot stripper approaches you, don’t let her sit on your lap. Make her sit beside you. (“Whoa, easy there. Have a seat next to me until we get to know each other a little better.”)

Also, don’t agree if she immediately offers a striptease. Instead, engage her in conversation and control the flow.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

Keep your eyes off of her body and maintain eye contact. Never comment on how good she looks; if anything, call her “cute.” (“Wow. Not only are you the cutest girl here, but you can actually hold an intelligent conversation.”)

5. Break Out Of Her Routine

Dancers, like salesmen, have canned routines that they use to make customers feel comfortable and ready to spend money. When she asks you your name, or where you’re from, ignore it. Go into your OWN routine.

6. Be Respectful Of Her Profession

Never refer to it as “stripping”; the term to use for her is “dancer.” Say (or imply) that you’ve dated dancers before and demonstrate familiarity with her profession. “It’s too bad I swore off dating dancers, because I can tell you and I would get along. I get the sense there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

7. Befriend The Staff

Bouncers, coat check, bus boys, DJ’s, managers, owner, etc. When you visit, staff members should know and greet you. This gives you high social value in the eyes of the dancers; you’re not a typical customer.

Befriending a male staff member is easy: say, “Dude, you’re the envy of every guy—hanging out in a club full of beautiful, half-naked women and getting paid for it. You make me want to consider a career change. By the way, my name’s ______.”

(Sometimes I’ll buy a bottle of water or a Red Bull, and bring it outside and hand it to a doorman. I’ll say, “hey man, I figured you could use a drink out here. I’m not getting good cell phone reception inside, I need to check my messages.” I’ll check my messages real quick, then introduce myself to the doorman—who is always very appreciative of the drink—and get him on my side.)

8. Don’t Forget She’s There To Make Money

Go on slow nights (i.e. a weeknight) when there aren’t a lot of customers vying for her attention. After you’ve been chatting for a little while, it’s okay to buy a dance from her—but a minute or two into the song, tell her she can sit back down, and resume the conversation. (Again, always behave like a non-customer.)

9. Use Good Conversation Lines

During the conversation, apply the same techniques you would use on women in a bar. Ask her questions that prompt her to reveal quirky things about herself. Use hypotheticals, i.e., “If you could teleport right now to anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

Here’s another good one: “Tell me something about yourself that the customers in here would never suspect.”

10. Don’t Expect To Go Home With Her Right Away

It might take a couple of visits for you to “close” the dancer you like (getting her number, or meeting her after her shift). If you’re not buying dances and she has to go, encourage her to go make money. (“I’ve got some business to go handle, and I can see there a lot of lonely guys in here who’d love to pay for your company. I need to bounce, it was awesome to meet you.”)

Make your exit and return in the near future to continue building your connection with her. If after several chat sessions she’ll still giving you the “run around” and has excuses why she can’t hang out with you outside of the club, or she won’t even give up her phone number, be a man about it. Tell her, no problem, you understand, and the next time you return to the strip club you should select another girl to mack on.

If your original target gives you dirty looks while you’re macking on her co-worker, don’t even let it faze you. She missed her chance to get on board your train and take the ride of her life.

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