3 Little Gestures That Will Seduce ANY Stripper!


A stripper will require a lot of comfort. Displaying chivalrous behavior is a quality most customers don’t possess. This isn’t hard. It basically means treating her like a lady. The fact that they’re dancers causes most guys to treat these girls as sex objects, to be ogled and groped.

Strippers are so used to this behavior in the club that they play it off and laugh (unless the guy is being too aggressive). It’s part of the job. But that doesn’t mean they like it.

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A stripper will encounter a lot of aggressive, obnoxious customers who love the “power shift” that takes place inside a strip club. But when you present yourself as a laid-back gentleman, you’ll make her feel comfortable and safe with you, and her attraction has a chance to grow.

One act of chivalry is all it takes: a small gesture that shows you respect her as lady and are a protector (rather than a customer, who only cares about his own needs being met). Here are some quick examples of the right actions and body language.

1. Offer Her A Seat

When she sits down next to you, say, “Your feet must be sore from walking around in those heels. Here, give them a rest.” Then, pull up a chair and have her place her feet on them. Or, call to your waitress and have her bring over another chair for your dancer to rest her feet on. This will set precedence for a small date together.

2. Wrap A Napkin Around Her Drink

When the waitress brings your drinks, make a special effort to make sure there is a napkin wrapped around her glass before the drink is handed to her. If there is already a napkin around it when the waitress brings it, adjust the napkin and make it perfect.

If there is no napkin, wrap one around her glass and then hand her the drink. It’s a simple, classy touch that will go a long way when you start flirting.

3. Move Her Seat

If the strip club is crowded, move her seat so that other people aren’t going to bump into her chair. Bring it in closer to you and angle it away from the traffic. Tell her you want to make sure she’s comfortable and that no one brushes up against her.

There are lots of other “acts of chivalry” that you can come up with. Look out for opportunities to do one or two nice little things that she doesn’t expect. (Don’t go overboard, or you’ll appear to be kissing her ass; one or two is enough.)

By taking a moment to make sure she feels comfortable and respected, you’re separating yourself in a big way from the average customer.

Your goal is to always place women in a comfort zone. This is where physical attraction has a chance to develop. This means your body language must always convey a level of cool. No nervous fidgeting. Maintain eye contact. Don’t keep your knees together and your hands in your lap; spread your body out across your seat. Take up space.

These are signs of a man who is confident and relaxed. Nervous guys make women nervous.

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