4 Rules For A Relationship With A Stripper (And When To Move On)


A stripper isn’t the typical girl you have a relationship with – it’s a bit more difficult. Here’s what you need to do, and how to know when to move on!

Rules To Follow If You Want A Relationship With A Stripper

1. Have Sex With Her Often

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Women literally get addicted to your penis when you’re able to give her orgasms every time you’re with her. And don’t only bang her at night before bedtime. Be unpredictable.

2. Don’t Tolerate Any Crap 

If she’s late, you leave. Next time she won’t be. If she gets in a snotty mood about something, punish her by not having sex with her for a week and let her know about it. Spending time with you (and enjoying your cock) is a privilege, not her right. (This is a harsh approach, but it works for many women.)

3. She’s Not Your Life

Have a life that she is a part of. Don’t make her your life.

4. Never Get Jealous

Don’t ask her for details on the guys she did a striptease for tonight, or why she’s got business cards in her purse from a bunch of different dudes. She’s a stripper, remember? This is her job. If you can’t handle it, break up with her and go date a school teacher.

When To Move On

Some strippers—and remember, they’re professional salespeople—regularly give out their phone number to customers because they want to cultivate “regulars.” She might expect you to start showing up a couple of times a week and buying dances.

This is not part of your game plan. Once you’ve got her phone number, you should not return to her strip club until one of two scenarios happens:

Scenario 1

You call her, she tells you she has to work every night this week, and you stop in the club once more to hang with her, buy her a drink, and keep the connection going. But you will not buy dances, and you will not return a third time to see her. The next time you see her will be outside of the club when she’s not working, or not all. (Hey, there are a lot of fish in the sea – and other sexy, more available strippers in your area, I’m sure.)

Scenario 2

You got her number, you’ve tried calling her to arrange a meet, but she’s being evasive. She’s playing games with you. Once you determine this, you are free to return to the club and apply your tactics on different girls. You can expect the stripper who was evasive to give you rude looks when she sees you flirting with other women. So be it. Ignore it. She had her chance. You’ve moved on and she can keep hustling the chumps.

Don’t keep returning to the club, time after time, spending money on buying her drinks (or even worse, lap dances) without getting results.

It must be noted, some dancers have a firm rule about not seeing customers outside of the club. She might be paranoid about being “found out” by the management, and fired. You might cause her to reconsider this rule, but if she holds firm, just respect it and move onto other prospects.

You’re never going to verbally convince a stripper to break her own rules in order to see you. She has to want it. And if you lay the proper groundwork and build a real connection with her, she will.

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