4 Types Of Strippers (You MUST Know This If You Want To Date One!)


A stripper will usually fall into one of four categories. Here’s how knowing them will help you snag a date with a super hot stripper!

In my hundreds of trips to strip clubs around the world, I’ve learned that the girls basically fall under one of four categories. Knowing these will help you to grab a date with a stripper (or just get laid by one), so pay attention!

1. The Pros

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These chicks have got at least two years of experience under their G-strings. They’re hot, polished, and are experts at selling their sexuality. They smell amazing and almost never have real breasts.

Onstage, they work the pole like an Olympic athlete— they’ve got the splits, acrobatic routines, etc. down cold. They’re hyper-focused on making fast cash, which means they don’t get high or drunk on the job, and they’ll ditch a customer the moment he stops spending.

Be aware, the Pros have heard it all. If they work in a big market like Vegas, they’ve been propositioned by millionaires, movie stars and professional athletes (and they’ve had sex with more than a few). If they work in a club in a small town, they’ve had some of the wealthiest guys in the area try to get in their pants. And they’ve probably given it up—because pros are all about the cash.

You can bang them—but you need to take an original, tactical approach. The second you do anything that paints you as a customer, she’ll only view you as source of cash—and as soon as you stop spending, she’s moving on to the next guy.

Pros will rock your world in bed and give you incredible orgasms, but don’t get emotionally involved with them. You’re not going to change them. (In other words, don’t try to be “Captain Save-A-Ho.”) No matter what they tell you about wanting to go back to school or finding a different job, and say how much they hate stripping, they are addicted to the cash and the lifestyle and are going to keep riding this gravy train as long as they can.

When you’re hanging out with a Pro, expect guys to be calling and texting her cell phone constantly. She’ll tell you it’s “just a friend,” but this is stripper speak for, “I bang him once in a while, because he covers my car payments and buys me expensive stuff.”

2. The Semi-Pros

The Semi-Pros can be just as hot as the Pros, but they haven’t been working as long (less than a year). They haven’t mastered the game yet. They’re still susceptible to the lies some guys throw their way (i.e. the cheese balls who claim they’re movie producers or modeling scouts, and want to “make her a star.”)

These girls haven’t accepted themselves as hard-core, full-time strippers yet, and will tell you about their other plans, the reason they’re saving up their money, etc. In some cases, it’s actually true.

But, many of these girls get addicted to the stripper lifestyle and are unable to walk away from the easy cash. They wind up becoming “Pros”—scrapping their other plans and accepting this as their career for the foreseeable future.

3. The Rookies

You might meet some very hot Rookies in the clubs, especially these days—since the job market sucks and all kinds of girls are taking jobs in the strip clubs to pay their bills. Rookies can be easy targets because they’re still trying to figure out the game. Some really don’t want to be working in the clubs doing stripteases, and are open to meeting a guy who will help them out financially and allow them to quit.

In this lousy job market, some Rookies are women who are straight-up M.I.L.F.s (Mothers I’d Like To F***)—they’re in their 30’s or even 40’s and started working the pole out of financial desperation. With these ladies, you can play on the fact that they’re older than the other girls and are probably a little bit insecure about it.

Other Rookies start stripping at a young age (18-21) and are usually airheads. They flaunt the club rules (showing up late, drunk or stoned), and their stage routines and lap dances look like gymnastic tryouts, cheerleader practices, or some routine they learned from the latest music video.

Real breasts are one sign of a Rookie. She hasn’t been working long enough to pay for silicone airbags, or to meet some customer who buys them for her. The cool thing about Rookies is that they’re not jaded and warped yet by the job. It’s easier to get them talking honestly and openly about themselves, and usually they’re more into hanging out and having drinks than hustling customers. Get her laughing and chatting, buy her a drink or two, and she’ll be in no hurry to get back to the grind.

4. The Skanks

These are the chicks you’d pay to leave you alone. They’re usually hooked on some drug (coke and meth are stripper favorites), and look like they haven’t slept in days. Dark circles under their eyes; ratty-looking, bleached-blond hair; faded tattoos; and twitchy, manic behavior are all signs of the Skank Stripper.

You’ll often find Skanks at the fully nude clubs, where they’re not above doing things onstage that would make a Thai bargirl blush. If you’re going to use drugs as a lure, these girls are good to go—but bang them at your own risk, and do it at a motel. Otherwise, you can expect these train wrecks to show up at your home a few days later, pounding on your front door at 5am because they need to borrow money to get high or bail their boyfriend “Spider” out of jail.

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