6 Key Elements For Stripper Seduction Success


A stripper is constantly bombarded with customers. The waitresses in the club are keeping an eye on customers who are sitting with dancers because they want to make sure you always have a fresh drink. In order to continue the conversation, at some point you’re going to need to buy your girl a drink.

I don’t believe that you should try to avoid buying dances and drinks, because you don’t want to give girls  the impression that you’re trying to avoid spending any money at all. I say, skip the lap dances (since this frames you as a “customer”) but do buy her a drink—or several. But here’s the key thing to remember. When you offer to buy her a drink, it’s all about how you phrase it. By phrasing it the right way, you’re communicating SIX important elements.

1. Make Her Earn The Drink

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She is earning this drink because I find her interesting and want to know more about her. This is not an offer I would make to most of the dancers here. This is a special circumstance. I’m not a dude who buys drinks for any chick who sits down next to me; this girl has sparked my curiosity. I’m also using the right body language so she knows I’m not like the rest of the customers in the club.

2. Impress Her With Thoughtfulness

In this case, I told her she had a  “deep personality.” Is this really true? Maybe. We’ll see. But every woman likes to think they have a deep personality, and so my comment makes me seem perceptive. It also makes her curious to talk to me further and see what I else I might “know” about her. I’m also making these statements with full confidence so she doesn’t think that I’m faking it.

3. Turn The Tables On Her

By saying “there are some things I want to ask you,” I’m turning the tables. She is the one who is going to have to answer my questions and demonstrate whether or not she is worthy of more of my time and interest. This is a very powerful psychological tactic that you can use when trying to meet women.

Think about most initial conversations between men and women. It’s the guy who feels like he’s “auditioning” and needs to provide all the right answers. The Mack flips it around and makes her feel the need to impress him, and demonstrate that she is on his level.

4. Use A Persuasion Tactic

“There are some things I want to ask you.” I’m giving her a reason why our conversation needs to continue: there are things I need to know before I ask a girl out. (This is also going to spark her curiosity; what exactly do I want to know? I’ll wait for the drinks to come before I tell her.)

By the way, studies conducted by seduction experts have shown that the word “because” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. It is a psychological motivator.

Ask a person to do something, and they might question it, or wonder why it’s necessary. Tell them they need to because there is a reason, and they’ll instinctively want to follow your lead. This is a great tactic to use in a strip club.

5. Buy Time

Buying this drink will buy you time to continue building a connection with her, instead of playing her game and blowing money on lap dances. And, she won’t feel as though you are wasting her time. In fact, she will usually look at this time as a break from the hustle.

You’re going to use this time to make her feel physical attraction towards you, get her to view you as a romantic option instead of a customer, and either make plans to meet her after her shift or get her phone number to set up a future date (which I will explain how to do a bit later).

6. Be Friendly With The Waitress

When your waitress comes over to take your drink order, this is when the “alliance” you’ve created with her is going to pay off. The friendlier your waitress acts towards you, the more comfortable the dancer is going to feel with you.

If the waitress treats you like just another anonymous customer, the dancer will view you as one. But if she gives you a smile and says your name, and you have another short, friendly chat with her, then your  dancer will recognize that you’ve got value in this place.

This happens because of the groundwork you laid earlier; you tipped your waitress the correct way, spent a couple of minutes to build a connection with her, and won her over. She’s on “your team.” This reinforces in the dancer’s mind that you’re a cool, charismatic guy: you know people here, and people know and respect you.

You want her to view you as a person—and as a possible sexual partner—instead of another lonely “chump customer” looking to shell out money for companionship.

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