How To Be The Kind Of Guy A Stripper Wants To Date


A stripper has to date men too – but how can you separate yourself from the customers to become the kind of man a stripper wants to go out with?

You need to be:

  1. Confident
  2. Interesting
  3. Masculine
  4. Fun
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When you can convey these four qualities to a woman during the first conversation, I guarantee she’s going to want to see you again (or have sex with you that night!).

Yeah, it sounds obvious—you need to be confident and masculine to attract women. Of course. But so few guys actually heed this advice!

Being Too “Nice”

They might read a book like this one and try to be confident and masculine at first, but as soon things start going well with the girl they worry about blowing it. So they revert back to being their “usual selves”—trying to keep the girl interested in them by being super NICE.

(The guy thinks, “If I can prove to her that I’m a nice guy and a gentleman, and that I respect her—and that I’m not looking for sex—then she’ll trust me and want to date me!”)

No. Sooner or later, she’ll want to cut you loose because you’re acting like a typical insecure chump who doesn’t have the balls to act like a man and give her what she’s really looking for: masculinity, confidence, fun and sexual excitement.

By behaving towards women in the “typical” manner, these guys mess up their chances. As for seducing a stripper, you can forget about it; you absolutely must man up if you’re going to capture their interest and get their juices flowing.

I also want you to remember this saying: “The best way to pick up women is to have something better to do than pick up women.”

Have An Actual Purpose In Your Life (Besides Chicks)

Women are attracted to men who have a purpose in life (beyond going out and trying to get laid, or find a girlfriend!). When a guy is passionate about his purpose and focused on achieving goals, that’s sexy. The problem with most guys is that they make a woman their purpose. They’re needy. They’re jealous. They’re worried about losing her. And eventually, they do.

Women want you to be their rock. They want to know they can count on you to make decisions, lead them, and calm them down and get them back on track when they’re going through one of their dramas or mood swings. Women are all over the place emotionally. They’re a swirling sea of emotions, and what they need is a man who can be the rock that their waves crash against.

Be about something. Have interesting hobbies and passions. Set goals for yourself. Have your own opinions, don’t just follow along with the herd.

How To Be A “Masculine Guy”

Be a leader. Lead the conversation. There’s no rule that says you need to talk about whatever topic she brings up. And you’re not required to answer her questions. In fact, I blow off all of a woman’s standard questions. (“Where are you from,” “what do you do,” etc. You’ll always get these questions from strippers because it’s part of their sales routine: they want to build a connection with you before they go for the close (ask you to buy a striptease). You’ve also got to lead physically. I tell girls that I’m hitting on them. I’d love to to be in bed with them.

Men are wired to spread their seed. Women are wired to want to be with men who can provide them with a stable, secure environment in which they can have kids and raise them.

This stuff is happening on a subconscious level. It’s not like while you’re sitting there having a drink with a stripper, she’s thinking, “Hmm, maybe I should let this guy knock me up. He seems like he would provide a stable, secure environment.”

What women (and strippers) are looking for are cues: signals that you have the qualities she is wired to seek in a man. The cool thing is, when you give her these signals (in a way that seems genuine, not phony) she’s going to feel attraction. She has no choice in the matter! It’s in her DNA.

When a man conveys those four qualities in an authentic way, women can’t resist feeling attracted to him—just as you will automatically feel attracted to a young, gorgeous woman with big breasts. You can’t shut off your brain’s “attraction mechanism.” Neither can women.

When you do masculine things in her presence, she senses that you are a confident guy. If you’re confident, you’re going to do things that demonstrate leadership—and then she’ll see you as a guy who can be her “emotional rock” and provide her with the stability she needs to feel safe.

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