Building A Bond With A Stripper For REAL Attraction


A stripper gets weirded out by customers all the time. Making a dancer feel comfortable with you is essential. Creating real attraction with her will keep her comfortable as you lay the rest of the groundwork. Here are some easy tactics to create true comfort and rapport with a stripper.

Understand Her Work

Express your understanding of her line of work, and point out how you’re actually impressed by dancers for reasons other than their hot bodies. (Remember, it’s “dancing,” not “stripping.”)

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Give her a little ego boost by complimenting her on the “skills” she has developed at her job. For example, commend her on her ability to read people. Remember to do this with confidence.

YOU: “I’ve noticed that dancers have an amazing ability to read people—they always seem to know exactly what type of guy they’re talking to, and what he’s looking for. I’d love to have that talent, it would come in handy at my job.”

By saying this, you’re letting her know that you don’t hold her profession against her. You actually respect what she does, and you understand there’s a lot more to her job than just looking good in a bikini.

Making a statement like this is another way to break down the barrier that exists between you (the customer) and her (the stripper). When this barrier has been removed, the two of you will be able to communicate on a more real, honest level. Remember to use eye contact when you are communicating with her.

Use Your Occupation

If your occupation or your career goals happen to be one of your attractive qualities, this statement is a “link” that will steer the conversation onto this topic. Saying “it would really help me at my job” is probably going to prompt her to ask you what you do for a living.

You can then mention your job to her. Just keep it brief. No matter how lofty your title is, or how much money you make, you don’t want to sound like you’re bragging or EVER trying to impress her. If you’re lucky, she will put you in the friend zone.

WACK TACTIC: “I’m a senior vice president with the Highland Real Estate Corporation. My specialty is doing home loans. Here, let me give you my card…”

MACK TACTIC: “I work in real estate. It’s a great match for my talents and I love what I’m doing right now. So let me guess, Melissa—the money’s pretty good at this place for right now, but you’ve got your eye on doing way cooler in the future. I’m right, aren’t I?”

Bear in mind, dancers are constantly meeting chumps who try to impress them with how much money they’ve got, the car they drive, the house they just bought, etc. It’s hardly an original quality for a guy to possess in a strip club. But if you have an occupation that you love, or a goal that you are passionate about, mention it. That’s huge.

Communicate Passions And Ambition

It is far more important to communicate your passion and ambition than it is to talk about your job title, salary, material possessions, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re a temp right now, an intern, or even unemployed—as long as you’ve got ambitions and passions that you can communicate with the right body language.

WACK TACTIC: “I’m between jobs right now. The job market sucks, no one’s hiring.”

MACK TACTIC: “Right now I’m considering some different opportunities. It’s important for me that I’m passionate about anything that I get involved with. Life’s too short to be doing something you’re not passionate about, don’t you think?”

Again, always keep phrasing in mind. It’s all about how you phrase this information. Even if you’re a millionaire CEO, you’ve got to maintain an element of mystery and communicate that passion without buying a lap dance.

One stripper told me the most repulsive line she’d ever heard from a “bigshot.” He whispered in her ear, “If I told you who I really am, you’d cum right now. Let’s just say, if you treat me right, I could change your life.”

The only way this douche bag “changed her life” was by buying enough dances that night to cover her rent and car payment. After she was done dancing, she told him a fake phone number and went on to the next customer.

Generate Real Attraction

Half of the guys that come into her club like to run their mouths about how much money they’ve got, and by now she is well aware that 90% of the time the guy is full of crap while using bad seduction techniques.

So you see, even if you are wealthy and successful, it’s not going to generate any real attraction from her. Passion and ambition are the qualities that matter—and if you truly do possess those qualities, women will gravitate towards you. Passionate, ambitious men always wind up succeeding.

So when she asks you about “what you do,” you’re going to give her a response that doesn’t include details, but conveys your passion. Common flirting techniques don’t work. Toss the ball back into her court. You want to give her a chance to talk about her own passions, and you want her to know that you respect her as an intelligent, sophisticated woman.

You’re not a “customer” in her eyes and you want her to know that in your eyes, she’s not just a brainless slut in a G-string.

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