The Do’s And Don’ts Of Stripper Seduction


A stripper is not like any other woman. Before I get into some correct techniques to use when talking to a stripper, let me emphasize that over 90% of the guys in these clubs take a totally backwards approach—and make stupid mistakes that you must avoid. As with all aspects of stripper seduction, you want to make sure you NEVER behave like the typical customer. Here are the do’s and don’ts of talking to a stripper!

The typical customer, like the average guy in a bar trying to talk to an attractive woman, broadcasts his interest right away. Right up front, he makes it obvious that he’s into her.

What You Don’t Want To Do

  • Tell the stripper how beautiful/hot/sexy she is.
  • Use the right body language.
  • Ask her predictable questions (“So how long have you worked here?” “How are you tonight?” “So where are you from, originally?”, etc.) No guy asks these questions unless he’s interested, right?
  • Offer to buy a dance or a drink right away.
  • Ask  her if she has a boyfriend (this question is pointless; if she does, she’ll never admit it because it would spoil the fantasy. Plus, it’s another indicator that you’re interested).
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation.
  • Put your hands on her.

Use The Power Conversation

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This means that everything you say, and every question you ask, should have a purpose behind it. I also want to stress the importance of going into these conversations with the right attitude. The most powerful way to separate yourself in her mind from all the other customers is to take the attitude that she must impress you. You are the one conducting the “interview.”

Your vibe should be congruent with this attitude. There are plenty of beautiful women in this place, and you’re somebody in here; you want to make her feel she needs to prove she is special if you’re going to grant her your time, get to know her, and buy her a drink. If you do this correctly, you should easily be able to get a first date.

So right from the beginning, I’ll start using Qualifying Questions and Statements to turn the tables. I’m sending the message that I’m curious to know more about her, because she’s someone I might be interested, but just as I’m not a typical customer. I’m not interested in “typical strippers.” She’ll need to show to me that she’s more than a pair of boobs with no brain.

Things You DO Want To Do

  • Try to get an authentic response from her. Every woman has (or likes to believe she has) something special about her that most guys would never guess. If she deflects this move, or tries to make a joke out of it, probe a bit deeper.
  • Tell her, “seriously, Melissa, I get the sense that you’re a pretty deep, interesting person. Guys make all kinds of assumptions about dancers, but I bet you’re a completely different person outside of this club. Am I right?”
  • Act confident and enthusiastic about the details she shares with you. If you’ve got things in common, point it out, and prompt her to keep sharing.
  • Control the flow. Keep moving it forward. Don’t get stuck on one topic and wind up searching for things to say, to fill dead space. Move on to something totally unrelated and keep things interesting.

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