How To Be Suave At A Strip Club


A stripper isn’t going to be seduced if you look like an idiot as soon as you walk into the strip club. Here’s how to get noticed!

Getting In The Door

The first person you’re going to encounter at the club is the doorman. This guy has a lot of juice and is someone you should always make an effort to be cool with. Give him a friendly greeting, look him in the eye, and shake his hand and tell him your name.

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This shows respect, which goes a long way in this testosterone filled environment. The doorman sees at least a hundred faces a night, and many of them are creepy weirdos, arrogant big shots, or rude punks he’d rather forget. A cool, courteous guest is always appreciated.

Always be prepared for when you approach the front door. Make sure you and your friends have your ID’s ready and enough cash to pay the cover charge, if there is one. Your entrance should set the tone for this mission: smooth, flawless and always making a positive impression. Juggling for ID’s, or having to scrounge together cash to pay the cover, makes you look like an amateur.

Know Where To Go

Once you’re inside the club, be decisive and take action. Scope the room quickly and find the location where you want to establish your “home base.” Remember that at this moment, the dancers that aren’t with customers are checking you out and watching how you handle yourself. They’ve always got their eyes peeled for potential customers coming in the front door.

Wandering around like a lost puppy, or lurking by the entrance, says “I don’t belong here!”

The “suave” guy never looks unsure of his next move. He examines the possibilities and takes action. If you’ve got a choice between sitting at the bar or sitting at a table, always take the table: it projects the attitude that you came to have a good time and are ready to chill with some female company. You also want to have an empty seat beside you for the dancer you select to sit in.

Maintain the attitude that you’re way more interesting and appealing than 99% of the customers who come to this place. Strippers spend most of their time at work having tedious conversations with boring chumps.

Don’t Throw Money At The Dancers

Another category of men who frequent strip clubs are high rollers – the ones who throw around money to compensate for having no game. Dancers are typically turned off by high rollers. Sure, they’ll pretend to adore them and accept their generous tips, but they’re not attracted to them.

Deep down, the dancers who have brains and a good attitude—the one you’ll want to mack on—are disgusted by the way high rollers lord over the club and treat the women as disposable sex objects.

In a nutshell, you need to take the attitude that you’re surrounded by beautiful women and a bunch of various losers, loners, and guys who have money to spend but have zero skills with women.

Have Confidence And Good Body Language

When you enter the strip club, walk around with your head held high and standing tall. Imagine that you’re only there because your buddy is the owner, and he invited you to come by. Your vibe, your body language, and your behavior should never suggest that you’re just a “regular customer.”

Remember, body language and confidence is key. Act totally familiar and comfortable with the environment, and the girls will assume you must be somebody. This is one way to immediately set yourself apart from the average customer.

Don’t sit on “pervert row” (the seats in front of the stage); establish your base of operations on the perimeter of the room.

It’s alright to arrive with friends and have a drink together while you scout the talent, but you don’t want to be sitting with them when the game begins. The stripper isn’t going to feel comfortable trying to have a one-on-one interaction with you, while your buddies check her out and listen in on your conversation. When it’s time to get down to business and start talking with these women, you should split up from your friends and sit alone.

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