How To Flirt With A Stripper


A stripper isn’t your typical girl, so using conventional flirting techniques aren’t going to work very well at all. Here’s what to do.

Engage In Flirting By Connecting With Her

Your goal is to use strategic conversation to connect with her on a real level.

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You want to avoid buying a striptease from her, because then you’re behaving like a typical customer. (I’m not saying you should never buy dances – you can have some fun doing so, and spin it your advantage. I’ll explain how shortly. But the rule of thumb is, avoid buying dances.)

You do want to keep the flirting momentum moving forwards, towards the “close.” Since you won’t be paying for dances, you can’t expect her to hang out with you all night. Figure that if you buy her a drink or two, you’ve got around 30 minutes to make it happen—which means either getting her number (and laying the groundwork so that she will answer or return your phone calls), or arranging to meet her after her shift.

You don’t want to monopolize her time for too long. Respect the fact that she’s here to make money. And you want to be the one who ends the conversation and excuses yourself. You don’t want her to say she has to go.

Areas To Touch On During While You’re Flirting With A Stripper

Your goal is to give them a break from all of that. Be the guy who injects fun into their evening.

Talk to her about ambitions and goals. Strippers never want to think of themselves as strippers. They usually have all sorts of goals and things they want to pursue. Some are actually working towards their goals.

Let her know you’re not dazzled by beauty. This is an excellent topic to slip into the conversation, because it minimizes her concern that you’re like all the other guys and are only interested in her looks. Also, by establishing that you’re not impressed by beauty, it makes her want to step up her game and show you that she’s an interesting, three-dimensional person.

Let her know that you’re not judgmental. While hot strippers may appear to be supremely confident, they’ve all got insecurities. At the bigger clubs, I’ve never met a stripper who believed she was the hottest girl working there. They always think there are other girls who are younger, prettier, have better bodies, etc. You can play on this, but the main insecurity that all strippers have is that guys are judging them negatively because of what they do for a living.

Let her know you don’t kiss and tell. Why is this important? Because if she’s going to see you outside of the club, she needs to feel comfortable that it’s not going to come back to haunt her. She’ll get in trouble, and lose face with her co-workers, if it gets out that she’s sleeping with a guy she met at work.

Strippers are also naturally concerned about stalkers. She has to know that if she goes on a date with you, you’re not the type of guy who is going to show up at the club tomorrow night and act like some jealous freak if she’s hanging out with other customers.

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