Stripper Seduction – How To Pick Up A Stripper (For Free!)


Stripper girls can be seduced like any other girl – but it does take some finesse. Here’s how you can pick them up, without paying them to go home with you!

Why Strip Clubs Are So Irresistible

During my years living in Las Vegas, I came to appreciate strip clubs as one of the best environments on the planet to pick up hot, fun and extremely sexual women. As you know if you’ve ever partied in Las Vegas, there are countless bars and nightclubs where you can go to run game on “regular” girls. But I found that the logistics at strip clubs make them hard to resist:

  1. Strip clubs are packed with sexy, scantily-clad women who love to party.
  2. Every element of the atmosphere, from the lighting to the music, is designed to create an erotic, sensual mood.
  3. It is the JOB of all these beautiful women to approach YOU!
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Now, I realize of course that they’re approaching you because they want you to buy lap dances—at first. But by using a few clever techniques, you can get them to drop their “sales routine” and interact with you on a real level.

Pushing A Stripper’s Emotional Buttons

At that point, it’s simply a matter of knowing which emotional buttons to push, to get them to feel genuinely interested in you, and attracted. (The “stripper brain” is wired in a particular way, and there are tactics you can use that will work on virtually any girl who works the pole for a living.)

But before I arm you with the techniques necessary to pull off a successful Strip Club Seduction, I want to share with you the #1 Deadly Mistake that men make when they’re in strip clubs. This blunder utterly destroys their chances of ever hooking up with a stripper outside of the club.

By the way, I should also mention that if you’re content going to strip clubs just to hang out with your buddies, drink beer, and buy lap dances—knowing full well that you’re being hustled and will never sleep with any of the girls—go right ahead. You’re donating to a worthy cause: strippers have mouths to feed, bills to pay, and druggie musician boyfriends to support.

But on the other hand, if you’d prefer to step out of the “customer zone” and actually charm and seduce a hot stripper into your bed—and enjoy a rock star sex life, without having to spend any money—then I’ll show you the tactics you need to make it happen.

Trust me, once you use these methods to meet up with a stunning stripper outside of the club and bring her back to your place, you’re never going to want to return to the strip club as a “chump customer” again. You will see strip clubs in a new light. Instead of being a place where you spend your money only to be cock-teased, you’ll see the strip club as a target-rich environment where you can meet and charm beautiful and exotic babes.

Don’t Make THIS Mistake In A Strip Club!

So now, let me reveal that BIG MISTAKE that I referred to earlier, so that you never commit it in a strip club again.

The number one mistake that dudes make in strip clubs is behaving like a customer. The way the strippers see it, there are only two types of men in her work environment:

  1. Customers
  2. Everyone Else.

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to completely avoid category #1, and always be firmly planted in category #2. Every stripper I’ve ever hung out with (and I know hundreds) has a firm rule that she will not date/have sex with/party with customers. But they’re up for having fun with other guys.

It’s also important for you to understand the reason WHY strippers have this rule about not dating/sleeping with customers. It’s not because it goes against their morals. And it’s not because of the club rules (even though the management would definitely frown upon them it).

Why Strippers “Don’t” Date Customers

The reason is mainly financial. Strippers earn their living from customers. And the best customers are the “regulars” who come back to the club time and again, to sit with their favorite girl and buy stripteases.

Now, if the stripper was to accept this guy’s invitation to go on a date, and she wound up hooking up with him, do you think he’d ever come back to the club and spend more money on those silly lap dances? No way. He’d have no reason to blow any more cash at the club, and the stripper would lose a revenue stream.

The other reason strippers have their “I don’t bang customers” rule is because they associate the word “customer” with needy, desperate, or just plain creepy men. You can’t imagine some of the weirdos and sleazeballs these girls have to put up with at the club.

To cope with their job, they keep their minds focused on the money. They adopt a phony persona that they show to the customers. (This is why all strippers use “stage names.”) They don’t want to view customers as human beings; they see them as ATM machines from which they will withdraw as much money as possible.

And this is why the “golden rule” of strip clubs is this: STRIPPERS DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH CUSTOMERS. If you behave like one, you’re never going to lay a stripper. End of story.

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