How To Play Your OWN Game With A Stripper


A stripper will work you over to try to get your money – but if you’d rather date her (or just have sex), here’s how to turn the tables and play your own game.

Deflection Tactics

First of all, keep in mind that when a stripper approaches you, she’s asking permission to enter your space. You are the boss, essentially. When she starts going into her “sales routine” to try to get you to buy a striptease, don’t do anything to empower the part of her that is trying to seduce you or sell you. In other words, don’t play along with her game. Make her play yours.

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Let her speak first. Then deflect whatever she says and change the subject. Take control of the interaction.

Another “deflection” tactic: Look at her, smile, and say “I don’t want to be rude, honey, but you’ve got something on your nose (rub your nostril). She’ll instantly get self-conscious and wipe her nose.

This is effective for “disarming” her and breaking her out of her sales routine. Tell her to sit down with you, then grab a napkin and gently wipe her nose (which doesn’t actually have anything on it). Now go into leading the conversation.

What To Do When A Stripper You Like Heads Your Way

When a stripper you like approaches you, don’t let her plant herself on your lap. Make her sit beside you. If she tries to sit on your lap, say, “Whoa, I’m not that easy! Have a seat, until we get to know each other a little better.”

If she offers a lap dance right then, you never want to say “yes,” because then you’re framing yourself as a typical chump customer.

But you don’t want to say “no” either, because then she’ll feel rejected—or she’ll figure you’re a cheapskate who wants to try to hit on her without having to open your wallet.

Do NOT offer to buy her a drink at this time. (Remember, you’re going to make her feel that she earned it.) You want her to sit next to you so that you can engage her in conversation and control the flow.

Deflect, and get her to sit down next to you. I might say, “Have a seat, I’m sure your feet are killing you in those heels. The craziest thing just happened, you’ve got to hear this….”

(A good “story” to tell: say that two of the dancers just got into a catfight outside the bathroom! Screaming, hair-pulling, hissing…it was wild!)

How To Take Control Of The Conversation

Once she’s sitting next to you, you’ve got to take control of the conversation, because otherwise she’ll go into her “routine.” Strippers, like computers, operate according to a program. She basically uses this same flirting routine, or program, with every customer.

If you don’t control the conversation, she’ll start asking you the standard questions (“So how are you feeling tonight,” “What’s your name,” “Is this your first time here,” etc.), in an attempt to build a connection with you and butter you up for a dance.

NOTE: The length of time she waits before asking me for a dance is an indicator of how skilled and experienced she is at her job. Essentially, strippers are saleswomen. The product they’re selling is themselves.

The real pros won’t hit you up for a dance too soon, and they won’t directly ask you “Wanna dance?” They’re craftier about it. They’ll take some time to butter you up and flirt with you. Once she has created the sense that there is a “connection” between the two of you, that’s when the skilled stripper will close the deal and get you to buy a dance. She might say, “Do you mind if I dance for you?” or, “I love this song! Can I dance for you?”

Put it this way – when you walk onto a car lot, no good salesman is going to walk straight up to you and try to sell you an expensive vehicle. He’s going to spend some time talking to you and feeling you out. He won’t go for the “close” until he knows he’s got you very interested in a particular vehicle.

Your goal is to disrupt her from her routine before she has a chance to go into it. “Short circuit” her program, and you’ll force her to engage in a real conversation. The most effective way to do this is to start talking about a completely unrelated subject. Remember, you’re making her step into your world, instead of taking the bait and stepping into hers.

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