How To Smooth Over The Waitress At A Strip Club (And Why You Want To!)


A stripper can be difficult to pick up, but not if you’ve got game. But did you know that smoothing over the waitress can actually get you in with a stripper?

What About The Server?

If the waitress likes you, she’ll talk you up to her stripper friends. They, in turn, will start paying more attention to YOU. This increases your chances of getting to go home with a stripper, or at the very least, you increase your chances of getting to go home with the waitress (who is probably just as hot, but not naked!)

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Soon after you sit down, your cocktail server is going to come over to take your drink order. (Remember, the overpriced beverages is how these clubs make money, and you are expected to make a purchase.)

Even if you don’t want anything to drink right now, the correct move is to order something in order to establish rapport (and a little flirting!) with your cocktail waitress. It’s also important for you to order this first drink BEFORE you have a dancer come sit with you.

Yes, You Want A Drink FIRST

Otherwise, the moment a dancer sits with you, the waitress might come over and you’ll feel pressured to buy the dancer a drink as well, before it is appropriate to offer her one.

You’ll want some time to get to know the dancer of your choice before you offer her a drink. It’s the same way a suave guy plays it in a regular bar; you never offer a girl a drink immediately. You wait until you’ve been chatting with her for awhile and can spin it into an “I.O.U.”

The basic idea is that buying a girl a drink should feel like a reward you are giving her, because you’ve been enjoying her company. Never buy her a drink right off the bat because you feel obligated to do so. Don’t feel like you’re supposed to buy her a drink just because she’s sitting next to you and trying to hang out.

You’re going to make her EARN that drink – that is, if you choose to buy it and grant her more of your time. This is the correct mindset.

Ok, More About The Waitress

In a strip club, the way you interact with your cocktail waitress is important on several levels. In most clubs, you’ll have one waitress attending to you for the duration of your visit, and she’ll be stopping by periodically to check whether you need another drink.

Always make this waitress your ally. Give her a friendly smile and introduce yourself by name. Make sure you get her name, and remember it. Then pay her a quick compliment on some aspect of her appearance, something original that she’s not hearing from the other guys. Notice her smile, her hairstyle, or a piece of jewelry she’s wearing.

Chances are this type of compliment will catch her off-guard and bring a smile to her face. If your waitress isn’t attractive, this compliment can really go a long way towards making her your ally, because she rarely gets this type of flattery.

Remember, you want the server as your ally!

Just think about it. The server is working in an environment where she’s surrounded by naked women. When’s the last time a nice guy stopped to take notice of her appearance, and singled out her for praise instead of a stripper? Yeah. There you go.

While you want to know how to keep your spending to a minimum in strip clubs if you frequent them looking to hook up with a stripper, you can’t be cheap with your server. Period.

It isn’t about the size of the tip so much as it’s about the way you present it to her. You can tip just a few dollars and turn it into a special, generous gesture that she is bound to appreciate.

How EXACTLY To Get In Good With The Server

When she brings you your first drink and hands you the change, rifle through the singles, count out four or five dollars, and say “here, keep this Jackie, I’m glad you’re taking care of my service tonight.” A small gesture like this can go a long way.

Later on, when you’re sitting and chatting with the stripper you select, give your waitress another tip in the same fashion: rifle through your cash, give her a few dollars, and tell her “here, this if for you Jackie.” (Always use her name!) Your server will smile and thank you, which will make you look like way more appealing to the stripper you’re sitting with.

It’s not about the size of the tip. It’s all in how you present it. Any jerk can throw a $20 bill on her tray and dismiss her. You, on the other hand, can tip her $3 or $4 and make it feel to her like a friendly, generous gesture because you appreciate the good service.

Remember, if you’re in good with the server, you’re in good with the club and as a result, in good with whichever stripper you want to put your attention on for the evening. It’s win-win all around!

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