How To Tell If A Stripper Isn’t Really Into You


A stripper isn’t going to show she likes you the same way other girls do – but here are some telltale signs that will let you know she’s playing you.

Strippers will often give you phony signals in order to make you think they’re into you. This is how they make their money and play their game! Most guys fall for it, because mentally, they think they’re in a regular bar and the same rules apply. This is a huge mistake – and it will likely cost you quite a bit of money if you end up falling for it.

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The strip club is a different universe. It’s not a bar, where women are vulnerable and show their “real selves” to guys there. The woman you see on stage isn’t who she really is – almost all strippers wear a “mask.” They have a different persona when they’re in the club than they have in real life. You’ve got to be able to recognize the false signals, and build the connection so that she begins to give you real signals of interest.

How To Tell She’s Faking It:

  • She walks over and starts touching you immediately: running her fingernails along your shoulder, neck, or arm, or sitting down on your lap.
  • She leads off with generic questions. “What’s your name?” “Are you having a good time?” etc.
  • Laughing at practically everything you say, as if she thinks you’re the most clever man alive (and you’re not really saying anything that clever)
  • She “confesses” her real name to you, without you prompting her to do so. (She’s probably still telling you a phony name.)
  • Batting her eyelashes and looking straight into your eyes
  • Gently squeezing her breasts together, between her elbows, while she looks at you
  • Telling you that you’re cute/sexy/handsome/hot
  • Complimenting you on your shoes or your watch. (Experienced strippers notice these two aspects of a man’s appearance; it’s a quick way to gauge how much money he’s got.)
  • Bending forward so you can check out her breasts
  • Rubbing her body as she flirts with you
  • Telling you she’s “drunk,” or “horny”
  • Rubbing your chest or your crotch within minutes of meeting you

The typical customer, mesmerized by her hotness, will mistake these “stripper tricks” as indicators that she’s genuinely into him. This compels him to start shelling out money.

Don’t take the bait. Ignore it. If she starts rubbing on you, move her hand away and tell her, “Whoa…I’m not that easy. Can’t you at least buy me dinner first?”

Again, you’re behaving in the opposite manner of the previous 437 fools who came in her strip club and bought into her “sales pitch.” Your job is to deflect the pitch, break her out of her routine, and control the interaction.

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