Learn The Simple Technique That Will Seduce ANY Stripper!


Stripper seduction is easy when you have the right tools. One of the best methods you can use when seducing a stripper is the Push/Pull technique. Here is how you can get exponential results with one of the easiest methods in your seduction tool box.

1. Give Her An Ego Boost – THEN Pull Back

Start off by giving her an ego boost. Confidence is key. Tell her how insightful she is—and made her think you’re impressed by her— pull back and make it seem like you’re not that interested in her after all.  Say something like “It’s too bad I swore off dating dancers, because I can tell you and I would probably get along.”

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Mentioning that you “swore off dating dancers” is almost certainly going to make her ask why. It sounds like a bit of a “dis”—like her job disqualifies her from dating you. You’re pushing her away.

2. Use A Variety Of “Push Back” Lines

Here are some other lines to “push” her back and make her think you’re not impressed by her These things should be said playfully. Smile. You don’t want to come off as being obnoxious. And DO NOT be afraid of rejection.

  • “You and I way too similar, and that never works in a relationship. We’d fight all the time and have hot make-up sex – the sex would be amazing for sure, but I don’t know if it would be worth the drama.”
  • “The last time I dated a dancer, we were so attracted to each other that all we did was have crazy animal-like sex. We couldn’t even hold a normal conversation. So I promised myself I would never date a dancer again—the sex was amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m looking for more than that.”
  • “It’s too bad that I gave up dating dancers, because you and I might actually get along.”
  • “I’m just here for a drink. If you’re looking to make money, those guys over there look kinda lonely and desperate.”
  • “You are pretty cute, but you’re not really my type.”
  • “Even if I did hang out with dancers, I don’t think you and I would get along.”

3. “Pull Her” Back In

After “pushing” her back and making her think she doesn’t measure up to your standards, or that she’s not compatible with you, a short time later you want to say something that pulls her back in. Pay her a little compliment and make it sound like maybe she is cool enough to hang with an alpha male like yourself.

When you’ve already demonstrated that you are a difficult guy to impress, your compliments will carry much more weight.

So, after making a comment like, “It’s too bad I swore off dating dancers,” or “You’re cute, it’s a shame you’re not my type,” you can keep talking to her, get her to reveal something about herself, and say:

  • “So, you’re not only one of the cuter girls working here, you can actually hold a conversation. You must have regulars at each other’s throats to get dances from you.”
  • “Considering all the drunken idiots that must bother you at this place, you’re surprisingly fun and laid back.”
  • “Have you ever taken dance lessons? You move really gracefully.”
  • “Aside from dancing, what’s your best talent?” (Then compliment her on it, tell her that’s really cool and interesting, etc.)

Again, what you’re doing here is making her qualify herself to you. You’re encouraging her to demonstrate that she’s not the typical stripper who’s trapped in “the lifestyle.”

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