Stripper Seduction: The Key To Dating A Stripper


Stripper girls are hard to date – but YOU can with these easy to use tips. Follow these guidelines and before you know it you’ll be going out with a stripper!

I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll get laid in the club. But I’ve learned that anything is possible when the mood is right. I’ve had many spur-of-the-moment makeout sessions with girls that I meet in nightclubs; and I do the same in strip clubs all the time.

It’s Not All About The Money

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Don’t listen to the player-haters who say that strippers are ONLY about getting your money, and that trying to bang them is pointless. And don’t listen to the strippers, either! Whenever I post articles on the Internet about how to bang strippers, or share my stories in online forums, there are always strippers who respond scornfully: “Don’t listen to this ‘Dean Cortez’ jerk! We dancers are only in the club to do our jobs, not to be picked up! We deserve respect! None of this ‘pickup’ stuff works!”

Yet most strippers met their boyfriends (or the guy they’re currently having sex with) at their job. It’s the truth, and it makes sense. If they’re spending every night interacting with guys in a hard-partying environment, it’s only natural for them to feel attracted towards certain guys and want to hang out with them outside of their work. Why would they pass up the opportunity to land a cool boyfriend, or have sex with a guy they really like, just because they met him “at work?”

They Don’t Have Sex With “Customers”

When strippers say this, what they really mean is that they don’t have sex with customers. This is because going on a date with a customer, who spent a bunch of money on her at the club, sounds an awful lot like prostitution. These girls don’t want to think of themselves as hookers (unless they are hookers, which some are – but most are not). So the key is to re-frame yourself in the club so that she does not view you as a customer, and you aren’t treating her like a stripper. Then she’ll forget those concerns.

Women Are Women

The bottom line is, women are women. Most strippers aren’t as cunning and “untouchable” as you might think they are. When you’ve got tight game and understand the dynamics of her work environment, it doesn’t matter whether she works in the titty bar down the road or behind the cosmetics counter at the mall.

All women are open to being charmed and seduced by a guy with GAME.

Once you’ve mastered these moves, your local strip clubs can become like singles bars—but even better. You’ll no longer be hanging out at strip clubs just to blow your hard-earned cash, only to go home and masturbate at the end of the night.

You’ll be going to the strip clubs with a singular goal in mind: to hook up, close deals, and make it happen. These vixens might be professional manipulators of the male ego, capable of milking chumps out of their kid’s college fund, but even the hottest dancer can be putty in the hands of a true player.

Don’t Use The Word “Stripper”

I might refer to these chicks as “strippers,” but you should never use this term when you are conversing with one. Call them “dancers,” and refer to their profession as “dancing.” Using the term “strippers” will usually offend them. This remains true even if they use the word “strippers.” You never should.

I know, it’s sort of silly to have to use a respectful term for an occupation that involves grinding on the crotches of strange men, but showing respect and understanding for her job is one of the keys to “bonding” with these girls and building their attraction.

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