The Three Types Of Strip Clubs


A stripper works at one of three different types of strip clubs – do you know all of them and how they affect your chances of seducing a stripper?

1. Upper Class Adult Clubs

When a strip club has valet parking, this is your first sign that it’s an “upper class” establishment. Once you’re inside, the presence of bathroom attendants are another indicator (one of the most useless and annoying jobs ever created).

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This means you can expect to pay a cover charge of at least $20 and drinks will average around $8. On the plus side, the talent pool will be loaded with ridiculously hot women.

In upper-class strip clubs in Vegas—the city that has this down to a science— I’ve actually encountered some of my favorite porn stars working among the dancers. If that sounds crazy, just consider the financials!

These chicks might make $1,000 to spend a day shooting a scene for a porn flick, getting pounded for hours under hot lights in every imaginable position. In the club, they can easily make twice that amount without having to fuck anyone. And, it’s a great place to meet wealthy customers who are looking to pay her for “full service” when she gets off of work. (Many porn stars do “escort work” on the side.)

I’m guessing that a lot of porn stars you might recognize are working in the strips clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas right now. The porn industry is seriously hurting due to the rise of internet file-sharing sites, where you can download millions of hours of porn for free. This is killing the porn DVD market, which has led to less movies being made for tighter budgets. So, don’t act surprised when you see one of your favorite “stars” walking up to you and offering you a lap dance!

Even some of the waitresses in these upper-class clubs are 9’s and 10’s. The staff will have a professional attitude and understand the concept of “customer service,” unlike the scary-looking ex-cons who run the door (and even work as managers) at lower-end clubs.

Expect a ratio of fake to real breasts somewhere around 10:1, and top-shelf liquor that is not watered down. These clubs accept credit cards, but usually the fees are so high (ten to twenty percent range) that you’d be a fool to not be carrying cash. Some upper-class clubs feature “shower shows” onstage or lube, mud or oil wrestling matches pitting strippers against each other. Now that’s entertainment!

The advantage of upper class clubs is twofold. First, there some insanely hot women to check out. Second, there are plenty of second and third-tier strippers who are still extremely sexy, but aren’t getting a whole lot of attention compared to the A-listers. The slightly lower-tier girls are the ones that I like to target. They’d be superstars in the lower-end clubs. But here, they’re small fish in a big pond and need to work hard to make their money.

They’re a little bit insecure, too. They’re beautiful, but they’re always comparing themselves against the A-Team “turbo hottie” hustlers who are the superstars where they work. This means they’ll be OK with sitting down with you for a drink and some conversation, without trying to use high-pressure sales tactics. This is when you will work your magic.

2. Middle Class Clubs

The middle-class strip club is similar to the upper-class joints in many respects, with the following exceptions: the fake breasts to real breasts ratio leans more towards the real (but not in a good way); if there is a bathroom attendant, there isn’t enough room for him and he’s always in the way (which makes him even more of a pain in the ass); there’s usually no valet; and while the talent pool contains some stunners, you also occasionally see dancers you wouldn’t sleep with even after twenty shots of tequila.

The main difference, basically, is that these places are cheaper than the upper-class clubs.

3. Lower Class Strip Clubs

The lower-class strip club can provide plenty of good, cheap fun, despite the funky smell and the desperate condition of many of the dancers. You can sense that more than a few of the girls are working to support children and a Tony Montana-sized drug habit. You will often find, however, that there is one “big fish” working in this small pond: a total stunner who chooses to work here rather than in one of the bigger clubs, because this place has less competition.

There are other reasons why hotties will occasionally choose to work in lower-class clubs. I once had sex with a super-hot Filipina dancer at a grimy little club located a few blocks from the Vegas Strip. She could have easily been a star at one of the big clubs in town. But she lived with her family—who had no idea what she was actually doing for a job. She worked an early evening shift because she had a 1:00 am curfew. She was intimidated by the bigger clubs and all of their bitchy “pro” dancers. So, she chose to work at this place.

My point is, you never know what gems you might discover by exploring the lower-end clubs. I love these joints, personally. The girls have less competition among themselves—and so do you. These places do not normally attract high rollers. If you’ve got game, you shouldn’t have a problem lining up dates with the girls outside of the club. They’ll be happy to hang out with you for a drink or two. Normally, they’re sitting with fat old guys with bad breath who are trying to feel them up.

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