Why You Need To Know Strip Club Shifts To Bag A Hot Stripper!


A stripper works certain times to make more money, and timing is everything when it comes to bagging a stripper. Getting to know how the club works is a must!

Most strip clubs operate on three shift intervals: Days, Swing and Graveyard. Each is a different animal, and has pros as well as cons.


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This shift usually runs from about eight in the morning until five in the evening. Day shift dancers are a mixed bag: in a big club you’ll probably find some stunners, but this is also when the less attractive ones work. Some stunners will choose this less lucrative shift because they have personal commitments that prevent them from working evenings—such as kids, or a boyfriend who wants her home at night. The less attractive ones are employed during the day because the club management needs live bodies on the floor in the daytime and they’d rather the more attractive girls be on the floor at night.


Swing shift runs from about five until one in the morning. This is usually when you’ll find the top-shelf hotties. Also, most new dancers break in on swing shift, which is also known as the “party shift.” As the busiest of all shifts, this one has the most girls, the most customers, and the most challenges for you to deal with. While swing shift dancers might be the hottest, they’re also in higher demand because this is when the club sees the most traffic. This might make it difficult to engage the dancer you want in an extended conversation, since there are other guys willing to shell out money for a private striptease.


In cities where clubs are permitted to be open until very late (such as Las Vegas, where the clubs never close), graveyard shift runs from about midnight until about seven in the morning. If I go to a strip club on a weekend, I hit it late (which in Vegas means after 4am, after I’m through at the bars).

As a local, I don’t want to get caught up in hordes of drunken tourists throwing money around. Better to let the crowd thin out, then show up and work your magic. This applies to whatever city you live in.

I don’t suggest visiting during peak hours. I like to go to the club on slow nights. No matter how strong your dating game is, if the club is packed with guys, her main focus is going to be on making money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next time you visit a club that you like, find out the shift changes. (Ask a waitress.) Then, plan your future visits around the shift changes. I like to show up an hour or two before the swing shift (late afternoon-evening) ends and the graveyard shift (late night-early morning) begins.

This way, when I suggest meeting a girl after her shift, I know they’ll be off work soon and I’ll be fresh in their minds when they clock out. On the other hand, if you meet a stripper at the beginning of her shift, her memory of you will be hazy (if she remembers you at all) eight hours later, after she’s consumed a bunch of drinks and entertained twenty other guys. So, timing really is essential.

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