You Got A Stripper To Come To Your House – Now What?


A stripper is coming to your house – what do you do? Follow these simple tips to make sure your first hook up with a stripper is super hot!

Being a savvy strip club “dominator” does not begin once you start talking to a stripper. It begins long before that point. Just as you would prepare yourself for an evening out at the bars, where you plan on picking up regular chicks, you need to lay the proper groundwork before you head out to mack on dancers.

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Make sure your home is clean and prepped for female company. You must always maintain the mindset that you WILL be bringing home a woman at the end of the night.

A lot of guys wind up meeting a chick they could potentially bring home, but they don’t attempt it because they’re worried in the back of their mind that their place isn’t ready for female company—whether it’s because their place is a mess, or their roommate might be home and will spoil the mood.

Make Sure Your House Is Always Ready!

Every time you go out to meet women (including strippers) you must be confident that your home is ready to host company. Make whatever preparations are necessary. This means always making sure your bathroom is spotless. A female guest in your home will always ask to use your bathroom, and if it’s grimy or foul-smelling, it reflects very badly on you and your personal hygiene.

(A lot of women come through my home, and in the past, the mood got killed more than once by my female guest finding another woman’s hair in my shower drain. Keep an eye out for that, too; a woman with long black hair is always going to leave traces of it behind, whether it’s in the shower, the bathroom sink, or on your bed sheets!)

Have Drinks Available

Also, make sure you to have at least two bottles of wine at your place. I recommend a bottle of Cabernet (a red wine) and a bottle of Pinot Grigio (a white). Any woman who drinks alcohol will enjoy a glass of wine (or several), and it sets a romantic vibe.

Plus, being able to offer her a glass of really good wine back at your place is a reason for you to bring her home later. (She won’t be able to tell the difference between “really good wine” and the bottle you picked up at the supermarket for $10. If you tell her it’s good, she will believe you.)

Personalize Your Space!

You also want to make sure that your living room reflects your interests and your personality. I talk about how to fully “deck out” your crib in the Mack Tactics book, but basically, you want to have some books laying out on your living room table that can generate conversation and show her stuff that you’re interested in.

I like t buy coffee-table sized books about subjects like photography, architecture, fashion, exotic cities, and classic rock n’ roll.

As far as the pictures on your walls, here are some ideas:

  • You during one of your travels—in an interesting destination that you can tell her about
  • You engaging in a physical activity (hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing a sport, etc)
  • You surrounded by friends, all of you having a good time.

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