The Dating Guide To Picking Up Women


When dating, most men have got it all wrong and we will correct those dating mistakes here. I think this quote sums it up: My boyfriend used to ask his mother, ‘How can I find the right woman for me?’ and she would answer, ‘Don’t worry about finding the right woman – concentrate on becoming the right man.’” And that is exactly what you will be.

When you look good, feel great, and give off that positive vibe, women will naturally be drawn to your charm. Gone are the days of you begging her for her number or stalking her at work. Just keep these tips in mind:

No Wash-o-Phobia Guys

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First off, make sure you are clean and that you smell great. You are not a college guy sharing his dorm with fraternity brothers whose noses are practically desensitized. Keep in mind that dating women requires great hygiene, especially if you want the woman to get her body near yours. A few drops of cologne would be great but please, make sure that the cologne does not bombard her nose with overpowering scent.

Queer Eye For A Straight Guy

Nope. We are not telling you to be metrosexual or anything close to that. Being metrosexual can be a little overbearing for woman, especially if man takes longer to get ready than she does. Good grooming and hygiene are essential, but don’t over do it.

Mr. Smooth

Rather than indulge in any arrogant or aggressive dating approach, take it slow and be smooth. Try to establish eye contact before the approach. Do not just barge in or the woman would think you are an arrogant thug who thinks he is God’s gift to women. Eye contact allows you to assess if the woman is interested. If she looks at you and maintains her gaze, your loins are in for some surprise. If she stares away, do not even bother. Your chances are slim and you are just about as good as Steve Buscemi trying to squeeze a date out of Charlize Theron. Dude, no freaking way.

Your Are Not Ramesses, The Great Pharaoh

Now, we assume that every girl in a bar is with another girl who happens to be lovely as well. Or maybe, there are three or four girls in the group and all of them are pretty. When you make your approach, concentrate on only one woman. You are not a pharaoh in his harem of marvellously good looking girls. Avoid flirting with too many women, or at least don’t be so obvious about it. And without any doubt, do not approach her friends if she has blown you off. Women are fiercely loyal to their friends – and you’re better off heading on to new pastures.

V is for Victory, Not Verbose

Stop pretending to be an eloquent speaker. Get rid of the cliché pick up lines that you learned in high school, a time when you were just trying to understand the female body, let alone her mind! Pick up lines are uncool and will drive your woman to the other side of the world. What matters is your sincerity to converse. Talk to her about things that she is interested in and you shall definitely stand out head and shoulders from the pack. There is nothing more important to a woman than to be listened to and appreciated.

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