Using The Power Of Scent To Get Her To Fall For You


Seduction isn’t about just the eyes and ears – you can use the sense of smell in the seduction of a woman as well. In fact, smell plays a powerful role in getting a woman to be attracted to you – if you stink, she’s not going to want to be near you! Alternatively, if you smell absolutely delicious, she’s going to want to get closer to you. Here’s how to get a girl to fall all over you – with smell!


Why Smell Is So Important In Seduction

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If a woman doesn’t like the way you smell, she’s not going to date you. It’s really very simple, although it may not even be a conscious decision for her. She may not know that she’s not attracted to you because of the way you smell – she may just not know why she doesn’t like you at all. Or, she may know that your aroma turns her off and she’ll be just as happy finding someone else to date, because you’re not doing it for her. Whether she realizes it or not, the way you smell plays a big part in whether you’re actually going to get a date or not.

A woman is going to get an impression of you based on the aromas around you – the way you smell, the way your house smells and the way your car does. These aromas are going to impact her and impact the way she feels about you, so you want to learn how to use this to your advantage and make it work for you!

Building Your Own Signature Smell

Seduction involving smell doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dump a bottle of cologne all over you and wait for the girls to come running. Sure, the deodorant commercials say that’s what will happen, but it very rarely does happen like that. What you need to do is work on building your own signature aroma – a smell that is uniquely your own.

  • High quality aftershave. Don’t buy the cheap stuff, and make sure what you’re using doesn’t conflict with any of the other aromas you’re using.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth often, floss and use mouthwash. Carry mints or gum with you for those moments you need to freshen up. There’s nothing worse than for a girl to go in to kiss a really cute guy and be put off by nasty breath.
  • Use good deodorant. Find one that works with both your natural body chemistry and smell, but also one that controls your sweating. If your sweat breaks through your deodorant, consider an anti-perspirant. If it breaks through the anti-perspirant, look for a stronger formula!
  • Wash your hair. Yes, that “just rolled out of bed” look is hot right now, but you can achieve that look with a little bit of hair wax or pomade without your hair stinking like smoke from a bar or like fried food from the restaurant you were at. Use a clean smelling shampoo.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean. Keep up with your laundry, and use a good smelling detergent and fabric softener. You don’t want your partner to lean in and smell your shirt during a hug and wonder how long your shirt has been laying on your bedroom floor. Make sure your clothes smell good too!

Make Sure Your Space Smells Good

So you’re fairly sure that you can be a master of seduction with aroma because you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to yourself. You’re showered, shaven, deodorized and wearing a dab of that cologne you know drives women crazy. You’re good to go, right? Nope. What happens when you bring a girl you meet home, in hopes of having sex? Does your space smell as great as you do? Is your space ready for seduction too?

  • Clean up the clutter. A little clutter is fine, but if you have old Chinese take out boxes still hanging out in your trash from a few days ago, your entire place is going to stink like old Chinese food. Clean your apartment up for the most part. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the dirty underwear has to go.
  • Clean the bathroom. The bathroom is something she’ll probably use while she’s there, so you want to make sure it’s acceptable for a woman to use. That means wipe down the sink where you shave, clean the toilet (if she’s drunk and has to worship the porcelain altar at your place, you don’t want your partner to have to stick her face in a toilet that isn’t sparkling clean. You weren’t ready for this girl to see that side of you, were you?) Make sure your shower is clean and smelling fresh too – hopefully you can get invited into the shower with your partner for a nice round of shower sex!
  • Use candles and incense. Sure, it may seem girly, but it will make all the difference in the world to a woman. If she walks in and it smells clean and fresh, or even warm and spicy, she’s going to be a lot more turned on than if she walks in and it smells like…well, a man’s dirty house!
  • Clean out your car. If you’re going to be picking her up for a date, or she’ll be in your car at all, make sure there aren’t old burger wrappers hanging out in the backseat. Give it a good vacuum, and hang a few air fresheners from the rear view mirror. If you smoke in your car, stop! Make sure your car doesn’t smell like an ashtray, or you’ll never be a master of seduction.

Do Things With Your Partner That Involve Aroma

So now you smell great and your place smells great. It’s time to start thinking about seduction with different aromas when you take your lover out on a date. When planning a great date, think about all the different ways you can use aroma for seduction. Take your lover to a restaurant where the food smells divine and make a point to smell your food and comment on how great it is before digging in. Take your partner wine tasting where you both can enjoy the bouquets of the wine.

When getting your lover a gift, go for candles, perfumes or lotions that smell fantastic. Take it one step farther by doing some research on aromatherapy and what smells trigger what emotions. For example, men respond really well to the smell of pumpkin pie and lavender, while women really enjoy the smell of chocolate and sandalwood. Also, some aromas arouse and excite, while others relax and calm the mind. Choose an aroma that goes well with what you’re planning to do and get it in a warming oil, a candle or a stick of incense. If giving your partner a sensual massage, make sure you have a great smelling massage oil to use!

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