What Are Pheromones And Do They Really Work?


There are lots of ways to attract the opposite sex, such as wearing sexy clothes, putting on makeup or splashing on some great smelling cologne. However, our natural scent, called pheromones, are on of the most powerful ways to attract someone. Animals and insects have used pheromones for millenia to attract mates and to find food. Here’s how you can use pheromones yourself to improve your love life!


What Are Pheromones?

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Pheromones are a chemical that is excreted from humans, insects or animals that will affect the behavior of others. There are many different kinds of pheromones that can be excreted, such as pheromones that alert others of danger, pheromones that alert others where food is and of course, sex pheromones that help animals and insects find a mate. Science has long debated the existence of pheromones in humans, however, many scientists and researchers believe that all humans have the potential to communicate with each other through producing pheromones.

Do Pheromones Really Work?

Animals have used pheromones for many years successfully. They are able to attract their mates through the use of secreted pheromones, as well as let other members of the same species know where food is or if there is danger nearby. Humans are mammals and are very similar to many animals in a lot of ways, so it follows logic that humans would be able to secrete pheromones as well.  Probably the most powerful of human pheromones is the sex pheromone. Human sex pheromones will attract members of the opposite sex, making them feel relaxed, happy and aroused when around the pheromone. Real human pheromones aren’t easily obtainable, however, many companies have successfully manufactured synthetic pheromones for use by both men and women. A variety of studies shows that synthetic human pheromones are extremely successful in attracting members of the opposite sex! Pheromones are usually without noticeable scent and can be combined with your favorite cologne or perfume. The olfactory system picks up the pheromones through the nose and transmits the chemical signals the pheromones create to the brain. With sex pheromones, feelings of attraction, relaxation and arousal are transmitted to the brain of members of the opposite sex, instantly making them more attracted to you. Many people use pheromones when dating and going out to meet people, whether they’re going to a bar, a club or a bookstore. Instead of worrying about pickup lines and how to get yourself noticed, people who wear pheromones find that people are coming up to them!

What Happens When You Stop Using Pheromones?

Many people are concerned that after meeting someone and developing a relationship with them through the use of pheromones that the relationship and attraction will end after the use of pheromones is stopped. While pheromones do a great job of helping people to attract the opposite sex, they do nothing to develop and nurture a great relationship. Once you’ve attracted someone through using pheromones and you’ve built a relationship with them, the relationship isn’t going to be affected if you stop using the pheromones. There is a great deal more to a lasting relationship than just scent! However, when looking to meet people of the opposite sex, pheromones will definitely help get you noticed – in a good way!

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