Why You Can Get Laid By A Stripper – Without Opening Your Wallet!

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Stripper women typically don’t sleep with their customers – unless they pay big bucks and even then….Here’s how you can sleep with a stripper FOR FREE!

Imagine an environment where you’re surrounded by sexy, smiling, practically naked women with long legs and stunning curves. The alcohol is flowing, the music is pumping, and every one of these hotties wants to approach YOU.

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Welcome to the strip club. Most guys who set foot inside are content to be typical customers, forking over their cash for cock-teasing lap dances and pointless conversations with hustlers who view them as nothing more than ATM machines with a pulse.

(With most customers, strippers know exactly which buttons to push to make the cash come out—and when one “machine” runs out of funds, there’s always another one nearby she can hit up!)

The idea of taking home the sexiest topless dancer from your local strip club for free is one of the classic male fantasies. Or perhaps you desire a H.S.G. (“Hot Stripper Girlfriend”), a trophy babe guaranteed to make your friends drool with envy. But for the average guy, this will never be more than a fantasy.

Could You REALLY Have Sex With A Stripper?

However, I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Until you’ve slept with a stripper, they might seem like goddesses: untouchable and unaffordable. But the reality is, not only can strippers be yours for the taking—in some ways, they’re actually easier to pick up and bang than the average girl you’d meet at a bar or nightclub.

Consider the logistics. For starters, you don’t need to approach strippers and open the conversation in some clever way. Their job is to approach and open you. And while most chicks you meet in bars and nightclubs have their “bitch shields” on high alert, strippers are trying their very best to attract and seduce you.

So right now you might be thinking, “Yeah, sure, but that’s only because strippers want to get inside my wallet!”

Yes, she’s in the club to make money, and if she’s hot, she’s making it hand over fist from chumps who agree to play HER game, by HER rules. (“I dance for you and pretend like you don’t disgust me, and you keep feeding me $20 bills.”)

She’s not working in this topless joint because she enjoys dressing like a street-corner hooker, tottering around on five-inch heels, and grinding on the crotches of fat men with bad breath. To her, it’s not a turn-on, it’s not glamorous, and it’s generally a hassle that she puts up with because the money can be great (for a chick with no college degree or job skills), and she can choose her own work schedule.

I can’t blame ‘em: if I was a young babe with a rock-hard body and no career prospects, and guys were willing to pay me hundreds of dollars a night just to sit there and bullshit with them, and occasionally dance a little and flash my tits, my only question would be “where do I apply?”

How To Make Her Want YOU

However, if you engage these women the right way, and employ the correct tactics, you can bypass the stripper-customer routine and connect with these girls on another level—one that actually gets her sexually interested.

Remember,strippers have sex lives, too. They’re going home and fucking somebody! The bottom line is, they’re women—and women need good sex.

A moment ago, I mentioned that you’ve got to skip over the whole “stripper-customer” relationship. The key word to remember here is “customer.” If you behave like one, strippers will treat you like one. And that means no matter how much cash you spend, and no matter how many lap-dances you receive, if they see you as a customer they’re not going to sleep with you. (Unless she’s a hooker on the side.)

But that’s not what we’re talking about here, since any chump willing to pay for a hooker can get it on by paying the price. What we’re talking about is seducing and scoring with these girls without having to spend money (beyond maybe paying for few drinks) – and controlling your interactions with strippers by being the fun, confident, masculine guy they feel massively attracted to.

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