Should You Have Sex Before Age 18?


Teen sex is common these days - you see it on television and in movies, you hear about teenage celebrities getting busy and kids at school are trying it too. But is it right for YOU? Should you do it, or should you wait? Legality Let's face it - it's not legal for people to have sex if they're under … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Sex? (You Don’t Have To Be A Virgin To Answer This Question)


Teenage girls around the world come face to face with this dilemma every day. Are they ready for sex? When is a good time to have sex? Are they prepared for the consequences of sex and are they properly protecting themselves from STD's and pregnancy? Are they emotionally ready for sex? Usually, … [Read more...]

What Does Abstinence Mean To You?


If you've heard about sex ed, you've likely heard about abstinence. What is abstinence, anyway? Basically, it's just a fancy word for not having sex. Believe it or not though, abstinence may not be as black and white as you think. Abstinence means different things to different people. What does … [Read more...]

My Boyfriend Wants To Have Sex Before Marriage But I’m Not Sure. Is It Really Okay?


Sex before marriage. It’s a tough topic that many people feel very passionate about, but not everyone is passionate about it for the same reasons.Many people believe that sex before marriage is wrong or immoral and others believe that it’s not an issue.While there may never be a universal … [Read more...]

Abstinence Only? Does it Really Work?


Shelby Knox is one of my biggest heroes!Who is she? She was a Lubbock, Texas high school student (she’s now in college as of this writing), a church attendee, and comes from a conservative home. Knox was also the subject of the PBS series “P.O.V.” called “The Education of Shelby Knox” where she is … [Read more...]