Virgin Male Swinger – Are My First Time Fears Normal?


What guy hasn’t fantasized about a threesome?Even married guys have the occasional “swinging” wet dream now and then.However, facing the realities of actually sharing the love of your life with another man or woman for the first time gives rise to questions and insecurities that were never … [Read more...]

When Swinger Sex Goes Horribly Wrong…


Threesomes and swinging are on most male fantasy lists, but what happens when it goes horribly wrong?Over the course of my three marriages I have been encouraged by husbands to engage in a variety of interesting (and some downright bizarre) possible sexual behaviors.  Of course, I tended to marry … [Read more...]

Uncovering Sex and Sexuality Censorship in Today’s Business World


The level of censorship and phobias that exit in today's business world are astounding - surrounding anything dealing with or even mentioning sex or sexuality.You may not realize just how much censorship takes place every day that is keeping you from expressing your God given rights and … [Read more...]