How To Get Her To Make A Dirty Video For You


Porn is great but homemade porn is better. However, it can be difficult to get your girlfriend or wife to agree to get naked on camera. It's not impossible though - tons of women make XXX films for their guys - Want your girl to make a naughty film for your viewing pleasure? Check out these tips to … [Read more...]

Porn: How To Make Your Own (And Make It Great)


Making a porn flick with your lover sounds really hot, but it can lack a lot of luster when you play it back after the fact. You may not look the way you want to, the angle of the camera may not flatter you or things that you thought would translate well on screen don't. If you want to do a porn … [Read more...]

Why Women Do (Or Don’t) Watch Porn


Porn isn't just for guys - ladies enjoy it too! A lot of girls really enjoy watching porn, either with their partners as a form of foreplay or without their partners to arouse them before and during masturbation. However, there are many ladies that just can't stand the idea of adult movies. Here's … [Read more...]

How To Make Porn With Your Girlfriend – And Have Her Love It


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