Cheating: Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?


Cheating is definitely a fear that most people consider their biggest relationship fears. Yet many people make the mistake of cheating on one of their significant others over the course of their dating career. What do you do when you find out that your loved one has cheated in the past? Is that an … [Read more...]

My Man Went To A Prostitute In Amsterdam – Should I Be Upset?


My boyfriend had sex with a prostitute when he went to Amsterdam. It happened before we were together, but I'm still shocked and disappointed. What should I do? She Said: I’d say let the past be the past, as long as that past includes having been tested for AIDS and other STD's. Your boyfriend made … [Read more...]

Married Life: Dreaming About Cheating Vs. Actually Cheating


Our dreams don't always make sense, but if you're dreaming about cheating on your current partner, it can be downright scary. It can be even more frightening if you've never thought about cheating on them during your waking hours and would never betray your partner like that. So what exactly do … [Read more...]

Q&A: Can A Relationship That Starts As An Affair Really Last?


People start relationships in a variety of different ways. You might meet someone at a coffee shop, a bowling alley, a bar or through a friend. Or you may have had an affair with them while you were in another relationship. Can a relationship that was once an affair really succeed or is this … [Read more...]