The 10 First Date Commandments


The first date is crucial - it can determine whether you will be seeing this person again or not. Here's the ten essentials you CANNOT ignore! What She Said: First Date Commandments 1-7 1. Thou shalt not keep your phone on the table.You need to give your full attention to your date.  Do not text, … [Read more...]

Learn The Simple Technique That Will Seduce ANY Stripper!


Stripper seduction is easy when you have the right tools. One of the best methods you can use when seducing a stripper is the Push/Pull technique. Here is how you can get exponential results with one of the easiest methods in your seduction tool box. 1. Give Her An Ego Boost - THEN Pull Back Start … [Read more...]

Flirt Like An Alpha Male And Attract Women TODAY!


Flirting and communicating with women, requires you first understand the fundamentals of attraction. Without this knowledge, the flirting formula and techniques you are about to learn won’t have any significant meaning to you. So spend some time now understanding these very core concepts to use … [Read more...]